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Saturday, 30 July 2016

Month In Review(s) - July 2016

Ahhh, July - funny old month, some good things, some not-good things.

But, y'know, I'm still standing, and blog-wise things are looking uber-awesome if I do say so myself! :)

This is me this month. #TrueStory ;)

This month has been rockin' as far as blog-stats are concerned:

I hit over 20k page-views in all, with over 5k views just this month.

A lot of this was due to my most popular post of the month - my review of Luna the Vampire, which hit over 2k page-views all on its lonesome! (Honestly, I don't know why that post was so popular, but I'm not complaining!)

Diary of a Reading Addict now has 50+ followers on BlogLovin'.

I now have 900+ followers on Twitter!

I reviewed some awesome-a*s books this month - stand-outs for me include Nina Is Not OK by Shappi Khorsandi and Monstress, Vol: The Awakening. But honestly, I reviewed a lot of rockin' stuff this month!

And yes, before you say anything - I realise that of the 8 books I reviewed this month, 4 were graphic novels *shrugs* - there's nothing wrong with that!

As July 2016 faffs off into the sunset, I'm going to shamelessly point you at my post for The Diverse Books Tag.

I will also point you at Naz's awesome Read Diverse Books blog - check it out :)

And without further ado, here are the book reviews I wrote this month:


Thor: Dueling with Giants by Keith R A DeCandido - Fantasy, Media Tie-In

Young Adult

Panic by Lauren Oliver - Contemporary

New Adult

Nina Is Not OK by Shappi Khorsandi - Contemporary, LGBTQ+ (M/F and F/F)


Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterson - (Modern) Classics, LGBTQ+ (F/F)

Graphic Novels



Luna the Vampire, Vol 1: Grumpy Space by Yasmin Sheikh - Humour, Sci-Fi, Paranormal, Vampire
Mythic, Volume 1 - Fantasy, Mythology

Thursday, 28 July 2016

Comics Wrap Up - Just Gotta Get Right Out Of Here

Even for us unlucky folks who may very well never make it to the holiest of nerd-pilgrimage sites which is San Diego Comic Con (SDCC,) (dude, it's expensive!) this uber-celebration of geekery is important for all of us who love the nerdy-stuffs!

And, due to the magic of the interwebs (particularly YouTube) we can share in the goodies that are the interviews, announcements, and reveals of the event.

(And there's loads of them! Yay!)

This week's wrap-up is a look at some of the awesome things coming out SDCC - not all of it though, because, dude, I'm human!

So here are my picks of the fresh vids and news of SDCC, as well as the usuals from my week faffing around the medium of comics.

Film Trailers

Second Doctor Strange trailer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!

(Still can't get over Benedict Cumberbatch & that accent though.

Like when Martin Freeman was putting on a Yank accent in Captain America: Civil War.

Reckon they'll end up in a movie together? With their awkward American accents and everything... lol!)


This teaser-type-trailer for Suicide Squad was actually released last week - but I only saw it this week, so it counts under this week's wrap-up. Because I said so. ;)


The trailer many people were waiting for was for Wonder Woman:

I have to ask though... is that supposed to be WW1 or WW2? Because there are parts that kind of look like both to me...

Anyway, this looks like it could be pretty cool... or not. Let's hope for cool ;)


There was also footage released of the upcoming Justice League movie.

I'm really not sure about this one... for several reasons that it would take too long to go into here but which start with Ben Affleck and the Batman costume, and move through various niggling points from there.

But what you gonna do? DC man, DC.


And last but not least, we have the character-focussed Suicide Squad trailers which've been released over the past week, featuring Deadshot, Harley Quinn, and The Joker:




TV Trailers

I love this trailer for Legion. Legion is an X-men character who really hasn't been explored all that much - but has so much potential.

I'm glad FX have decided to pick this up. (Though of course, I still mourn the loss of the 'Marvel's Agent Carter' series.)


There are SPOILERS for the most recent  series of Gotham in this next vid - a show-reel of the craziness we went through last series, and a glimpse of the next series to come.

If you don't watch Gotham then why the hell not?! Seriously. Go think about your life choices ;) (and then watch it.)


There are also SPOILERS for the previous series of Arrow in this next vid:

Much as it pains me to say this - and it does pain me, of all the DC series this is one of my faves, and I'd even put it ahead of some Marvel properties (Gasp!) - I think this series has more than run its course.

I may be wrong - and lord knows I'd be happy to be - but it feels like we've actually come to not one but two natural endings over the course of the last 4 series, and now we're trying to reinvigorate something which maybe should've just been let be. #JustSaying


Annnnnddd this vid has SPOILERS for the previous season of The Flash:

Fans: Barry, don't do the thing.
Characters: Barry, why did you even TRY to do the thing?
The forces of good storytelling: Barry, please don't do the thing, please!

Barry: ...Guys? ...I did the thing...

Hopefully they can fix this, and not make it too irritating while they're doing it *buries fangirling head in hands* - we live in hope.


Some SPOILERS in this vid too, for the previous series of DC's Legends of Tomorrow:

Oh my gosh, this looks like it's going to be so GOOD! :)

One of my favourite things about Legends is that it's essentially the dregs of a bunch of DC shows cobbled together. It really shouldn't work. BUT GOD IT DOES.

*Brief interlude for me to hop about like the insane fangirl that I am*

Seriously, whoever decided to take a chance on this wacky beauty of a show - well done!

Other Stuff

I found this interview with G Willow Wilson (Ms. Marvel writer) uber-interesting - check it out:


Stephanie Tran @ Women Write About Comics discussed her reservations over Mark Millar's decision to make the new Kick-Ass lead a young black woman (as I mentioned a few weeks back.)

This includes a discussion of Millar's repertoire with regards to people of colour (PoC) and female characters, as well as his track-record when it comes to inclusions of rape in storylines.

There are some very interesting points made. I don't agree with all of them, but, then, when do I ever?

I certainly understand the trepidation over Millar's potential plans with this latest character, but also think that Millar has a reputation as a boundary-pusher. No, I don't always agree with his decisions (no way, no how!) but do I think we need boundary-pushers in comics? Hell yes!

Likewise, though, we need people like Stephanie Tran to question the decisions those boundary-pushers make, and explore the repercussions of the representations they decide to portray.

So yes, I understand the trepidation and worry about what Millar may or may not do with a black female Kick-Ass, but personally I reserve judgement until we've had a chance to see what Millar actually comes up with.


Danika Ellis @ Panels wrote a list of '5 Lesbian Mermaid Comics You Need To Read.'

Never say I don't provide you guys with variety. :)


UK people can see a documentary - we Brits do love a good docky-wocky ;) - on 'Britain's Favourite Superhero' on Channel 4 @ 7.30pm on Saturday, 30th July.

It features Stan Lee. You have to love Stan Lee. It's the rules.

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Thursday, 21 July 2016

Comics Wrap Up - Sugar Cane in the Easy Morning

Graphic Novels

This week I read & reviewed Mythic, Volume 1 (UK - US) - which was pretty wacky, quite trippy, and a lot of fun.

You can check out my review here.

I also read Limbo, Volume 1 (UK - US) - also a trippy li'l number, and one that I'll be reviewing soon. :)

Other Stuff

Philip Pullman, author of the His Dark Materials trilogy, will be releasing a graphic novel, illustrated by Fred Fordham, in 2017.

The Adventures of John Blake: Mystery of the Ghost Ship will be released in the UK, US, and Canada in June 2017.

It looks pretty darn awesome :)


Marvel are releasing a mini-series where Marvel characters are Tsum Tsums (yeah... I didn't know wtf that was before I looked it up. I'm still not entirely clear on the concept...)

I don't know whether to be happy... or scared. Maybe both?


Troy Wiggins @ Panels wrote this very considered, impassioned, and interesting piece about the importance of black superheroes.


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Wednesday, 20 July 2016

Review (Graphic Novel Edition!) - Mythic, Volume 1

Title: Mythic, Volume 1

Author: Phil Hester

Artist: John McCrea

Other Contributors: Willie Schubert, Michael Spicer, Rian Hughes, Rob Levin

Genre: Graphic Novel, Fantasy, Mythology

Series: Mythic (#1-8)

Amazon: UK - USA

A few starting notes:

I received a free digital review copy of this book via NetGalley. NetGalley provides review copies from publishers in exchange for fair and honest reviews.

This looked interesting - mythological stuff and all that jazz.

So, me being me, and being easily amused, I gave it a shot.


The world is in a very specific balance. That balance is helped (or damaged) by mythical beings.

To keep things ticking along smoothly, Mythic, run almost entirely by figures from myths and legends, acts as a sort mystical-world-police.

And now they're under attack...

Best bits:

I liked the retro-vibe to the art here.

It purposefully goes in for that sort of poor-paper-quality look that gives everything a slightly nostalgic, retro-comics, feel, and it really worked.

I also loved Cass - Cassandra, y'know the Cassandra, prophecies and all that? - because she was kind of kick-a*s, cynical, and fun, all at the same time :)

And Nate - the cell-phone salesman who gets dragged into this insane world - is just fab.

You have all these super-powerful people like: 'Nate! Little help?!' and he just steps right up and works that sh** out.

(Oh, and Cass and Nate? I totally ship it.)

There's also some pretty damned weird stuff here for us to enjoy - which made me smile, 'cos you all know that I'm all about the quirky stuffs ;)

Not so great bits:

Dudes, I could've done without the mountain-sex (yes, I actually mean 'mountain-sex') - it's just not something I needed in my life. #SorryNotSorry.

So there's some sexual content here, and a lot of adult humour. There's also a butt-tonne of swearing, gore, and violence. So if any of that is an issue? Not the book for you.

A lot of people are also going to find a little bit... I'm gonna go with 'trippy,' but 'bat-sh** crazy' also kind of works.

Again, I'm all for the wackiness, but it might out-weird a lot of people. Trust me, this is wacky.

Also, the Mythic uniforms made me really, really, want pizza. They look like delivery people - and I got really hungry.


OK, this is gonna be a bit much crazy for some people's systems.

But dude, I thoroughly enjoyed the sh** out of it ;)

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Sunday, 27 March 2016

Nerd Church - The World Keeps Turning

I argued with myself a lot about what I should write about for this week's Nerd Church - Easter? Or Brussels?

I decided to go with both. (Bare with me, I think this will work!)

easter eggs


Christians use this time of year to celebrate rebirth - as did their pagan ancestors, via bunny/hare goddesses such as Eostre. And similar metaphors/personifications for the things that bunnies (ahem) do.

It's the time of year where there are cute fluffy lambs, cute fluffy chicks, and flowers beginning to bloom.


But life doesn't come without death. And death is unhappy, unpleasant, heart-wrenching.

This week we were reminded, through the blood and tears of Brussels, that death is often cruel, unexpected, seemingly nonsensical.

Yet Christians see death at this time of year, and say that it is not the end.

Maybe you agree with this, maybe you don't.

celtic crossBut the fact remains that life goes on - the flowers that were dead in the winter rise again in spring. Children are born in the same hospitals where the elderly leave this world.

In Celtic tradition, the beginning is the end, and the end is the beginning. Both are the same - existing and not existing at once.

That's why Celtic crosses have a circle around the middle and intricate knot designs to prevent endings. Stuff that ended wasn't good in Celtic religion, and if these new Christian folks wanted them to take up the cross, then the symbol needed a PR job.

We actually still use Celtic crosses in a lot of our cemeteries in Wales, Scotland, Ireland, etc., (although they tend to be less intricate than the one in the picture here.)

OK... I've gone off on one about Welsh culture again, haven't I? Focus Cee, focus.

My Point

My point is that even after the most devastating events, life goes on. There is hope. There is love.

The way to spoil that though? By turning instead to hate.

The internet was full of hate after the attacks - the hurt hate of those who wish to hurt others in return, the blind hate of those following others' example and repeating words which scar and hurt and cause yet more hate to fester.

Hate just teaches others to hate (- as was shown when Microsoft's AI, Tay, became a racist Nazi sexbot after less than 24 hours exposure to Twitter.)

Isn't that what terrorists want? For hate to breed more hate? For death to result only in more hurt, more death?

Hate can never be conquered by more hate - it just prolongs the cycle. But if you turn instead to love - well, that's the way forward.

So Happy Easter! Try to be nice to each other.

Nerd Church is a weekly post where I ramble on about various issues of various types. Feel free to continue the discussion, but please link back here.

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Monday, 29 February 2016

The Month in Review(s) - February 2016

Ah, February - a month of storms and Valentine's cards. And books of course.
Check out all my reviews from this month...

organising, categorising


Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (aka just 'The Lightning Thief') by Rick Riordan - Fantasy, Mythology


Today Means Amen by Sierra DeMulder - Poetry
Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte - Classics, Romance
The Trouble With Wolves (aka 'The Trouble With Weres') by Leigh Evans - Fantasy, Urban Fantasy, Paranormal, Werewolves, Fairies/Fae
Omega Beloved by Aiden Bates - Romance (m/m,) Paranormal, Fantasy, Werewolves, LGBTQ+, Short Story

Graphic Novels

Grumpy Cat Volume 1 - Kids, Humour, Media Tie-In
Red Sonja/Conan: The Blood of a God - Fantasy, High Fantasy 

Popcorn Reviews (Film)

Seventh Son (2014)

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Mini-Review! - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

percy jackson lightning thief book coverTitle: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (also published as just 'The Lightning Thief.')

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Kids, Fantasy, Mythology

Series: Percy Jackson (aka Percy Jackson and the Olympians) #1

Amazon: UK - USA


I really enjoyed this - though perhaps not to epic fangirling levels, like most people seem to.
It was fun though, as well as interesting and entertaining. I loved the random chapter titles.
The ebook I borrowed from the library was clearly aimed at a British market because it took Americanisms like 'mom' and 'chips' and anglicised them to things like 'mum' and 'crisps.' Unfortunately, this came across as just strange - particularly as it wasn't consistent throughout. 
I really did enjoy it though - and will probably read more of the series in future.