Friday, 6 October 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Because You're Mine

Since it's October - y'know, witchy and spoopy time and all - what's better than some Harry Potter?

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This is a fic I came across about Harry being asexual, and how, yes, he can be ace and still in a relationship with Ginny!

(Because fanfiction is going to save the ever-loving world dammit!!! The future is coming!!!!! *ahem* No, really. I'm fine.)

So Harry and Ginny are sat around doing their homework and Harry's essay topic makes him think about stuff, and he decides to come out as ace.

His homework topic is veelas, btw.

(Fangirling note: Veelas are a magical creature which is a little like a Siren. Even I have to remind myself on this one, and I'm like nerdage to the max, so don't be worried if you didn't know.)

All in all, this fic is a) sweet, and b) awesome. So check it out.

This week's fic is:

Thoughts on Veelas by lunapuff

Enjoy! I'll be back with more fanfiction next week.

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