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Last updated 11th November 2021

What data does Dora Reads collect?

Not much. But there is some stuff I collect, mainly through third parties.

  • Personal Data submitted through comments
    • If you submit a comment, other people can see it. Like, any other people. It's public. It ALSO ends up in my 'comments' folder in blogger, and I get an e-mail so that I can read it. Other people who check the notification box will also get an e-mail of your comment.
    • Links you leave in comments can be followed and are left at your own risk.
    • Details you leave about yourself in comments are left at your own risk.
    • I'm likely to make a note of your name and/or website, or social media details, so I can visit you and re-pay the favour.
  • E-mail addresses
    • If you submit your e-mail address to follow my blog, then obviously I have your e-mail address. I use MailChimp - so check out their policy (linked.)
  • Other third parties involved in data collection on Dora Reads
    • I run ads, analytics, a ko-fi donation page, and associate links, the policies of these third parties are linked below:
    • My social media sites are subject to the individual social network's privacy policies. Please see the Third Party Sites section below.
    • Please use the GDPR or CCPA settings on the pop-up messages where applicable, choose 'Manage options' under the GDPR message > 'Manage your data' > 'Vendor preferences' in order to see details of all Google Adsense ad partners
  • Data submitted to The Bookish Diversity Link List is public and submitted at your own risk

Use of Data

I collect data for the following purposes:

  • To run Dora Reads and maintain the blog and its interactive features
  • To allow you to comment on Dora Reads when you choose to do so
  • To receive feedback from you lovely people
  • To gather analysis or data so that I can improve the performance of Dora Reads (post views, ad clicks, and other statistics.)
  • To detect, prevent and/or address any technical issues
  • To highlight  search terms which lead to Dora Reads in my monthly wrap-up post (none of this will be identifying information - it will all be anonymous)
  • To monitor traffic to Dora Reads, and within the site

  • Your Data Rights

    The GDPR provides the following rights for you:
    1. To be informed (about the collection and use of your data)
    2. To access (to your data; a right to a copy of any of your data which I have collected)
    3. To rectification (the correction of inaccurate data)
    4. To erasure ('the right to be forgotten' - the right to have your data removed, deleted, or destroyed)
    5. To restrict processing (restrict usage of your data)
    6. Data portability (you may use data that I hold in other circumstances if you wish)
    7. To object (you may stop the use of your data in certain circumstances; you have the absolute right to object to direct marketing)
    8. Rights regarding automated decision making and profiling (the regulations apply to automated systems)

    So, what does that mean?

    If you want me to remove some or all of your data, or tell you what data I have about you, or tell me what to do with your data, just do so. I have to do whatever you want with your data, unless I have other obligations or protections under the law.

    Third Party Sites

    Sometimes I link to third party sites. I'm not responsible for these sites or their privacy policies. I am not responsible for social media sites or their policies.

    Data Retention

    Comments are public and will be retained until I or the comment author deletes them.

    Any other information that I personally collect will only be retained for the duration of the task it was collected for.

    For the retention policies of the third parties involved in collection, please see the relevant policies. I am not responsible for these policies.

    If you wish, you may use this policy as a template free of charge, so long as the following terms are met:
    • You MUST adapt the policy to your own circumstances and website
    • You use the policy AT YOUR OWN RISK on the understanding that I'm not a lawyer, and have no formal legal training
    • You MUST NOT imply that Cee Arr or Dora Reads endorses you in any way
    • You MUST NOT sell on the template, or otherwise use it for profit, or claim it as purely your own work. (I don't need to be credited if no credit is given - but do not exclude me from any credits you write.)
    • You MUST act within the law
    • I WILL NOT be held responsible for the content of the template once you have adapted or used it for your own website or business.

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