Sunday 8 December 2019

Nerd Church - The Writer Diaries: Dealing With Self-Doubt

If you've been around my blog at all in the past (love you!) then you probably know that I struggle with...

...Well, that list could take a while, but for the purposes of this post, I struggle with self-doubt.

illustrated White girl with no face (artsy, no?) holding notebook and scratching head with pen
Image by mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

So it's probably not that much of a surprise that I also have doubts when it comes to what I'm writing.

(Even blogposts - this is like my 6th attempt at writing this week's Nerd Church, and about the 3rd possible topic I came up with)

That little voice that tells you you're not good enough is given a megaphone when you have Depression/Anxiety.

...And that can lead to a mega negative-thought spiral.

It starts with, 'would this character say this? And ends with, 'why would I ever think that I could write?! This is useless! I'm useless!' (...and sometimes worse.)

See? Mega negative-thought spiral.

Sometimes that means I gotta take a break - rest and re-charge - but sometimes it means I've gotta forget about whether it's 'good' or not.

If it's not 'good' then no-one ever has to read it.

Not if I don't want them to.


We're in control here, dearest nerdlets.

It's our choice whether to unleash this blogpost, or novel, or poem, or whatever, onto the world.

No-one is forcing you to write, either, dearest nerdlets (unless they are... in which case please call the police or someone who can help you, cos that sh**'s messed up.)

If you don't wanna do it, you don't have to.

But sometimes, the only way out is through.

(Fall Out Boy quote, ftw!)

Take things a little step at a time, take a deep breath, and just give it a shot.

It's easy to get overwhelmed - not just with writing, but with everything. Trust me, I know.

But you can do this!

Break things down and do what you can - you literally can't do any more than that.

And whatever happens, you'll be able to handle it (I know, I know, it doesn't feel like it!)

I believe in you, dearest nerdlets. (One of these days I might even believe in myself!)

OK, this post turned out a little more about life in general than about writing - but *shrugs* these things happen! 😅

Do you struggle with self-doubt?
How do you deal with it?
Talk to me! 💖💬

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  1. Writing can always turn into a metaphor about life! Funny enough, I just did a yoga routine that was specifically “yoga for writers.” It really helped to calm my mind. The teacher even had us recite the affirmation: my stories matter at the end. It really made me feel good!

    1. Ha, glad you enjoyed it! Yoga's not really my thing (too much like the hippie cr*p I grew up with!) but I'm happy it works for you! :)

  2. I've actually written a post today about the role and meaning of positive affirmations to counteract negativity! It's an ongoing struggle! The only consolation is that insecurities and self doubt are common to us all, especially writers.

    1. I find cat pics help too ;) And graphics with affirmations (I *guess* they're affirmations... I like to stay away from the ones which are too hippie-ish because my hippie childhood made me immune to that cr*p) can be uber-useful too! :)

  3. I appreciate that megaphone imagery. It's so true.
    For me, I find that blog writing allows me a voice that I can rarely find in face to face social situations. I like having the time to make sure I'm saying exactly what I mean rather than panicking and effectively speaking nonsense. I've never managed more than half a chapter of the book I really want to write though because, like you say, I know I'd just be rubbish at it. Grrr!

    1. You wouldn't be rubbish at it (I know, I know, you probably don't believe me!)

      Like I said, I've been trying to remind myself that, actually, if it turns out cr*p, then it doesn't matter - cos I enjoy doing it (I *have* to write!) and if it's bad then no-one has to see it! <3

  4. haha I love the "no one is forcing you to write" because that's what I ultimate tell myself when I feeling like this. :)

    1. Again, if someone *is* forcing you to write, then that's a separate issue! <3

  5. I think everyone who writes feels this. People who've published a dozen books still report feeling like their latest endeavor is utter trash. I definitely need some magic to get over it!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Ha, if you find a spell or potion that works (...and is legal!) please let me know!


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