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Tuesday, 16 August 2022

Mini-Review Time! - Klara and the Sun by Kazuo Ishiguro

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'Klara and the Sun' with a sunrise/set background

Title: Klara and the Sun

Author: Kazuo Ishiguro

Genre: Sci-Fi(-ish)

Buy now on 

Klara and the Sun book cover

Friday, 12 August 2022

Friday Fics Fix - Horror Movie MCU


'“Who would be controlling it?” Joaquin asked. “And why our camp?”

She shrugged. “I don’t know. Why those six kids in the movie? It’s just entertainment, right? Entertainment doesn’t need a big message with metaphors and motifs.”'

'Fics Fix!' with purple background and white lightning bolt shape

This fic's a fun one.

Sometimes you just want fics to be fun - maybe a little silly - and a lot entertaining.

Plus I'm a sucker for a unique and/or quirky premise - we all know this.

Thursday, 11 August 2022

Wednesday, 10 August 2022

Month in Review(s) - July 2022

July wasn't as awful as June.

Which is a heckava low bar, but one that's worth having!

'July - Gorffennaf' with ice-cream and fruit on a table behind the words

My energy levels still weren't at their tippity-toppest after having Covid, and then the heatwave came.

Dear Lord, the heatwave came.

I am one grumpy bear in the heat - like, I get so pi**ed off, at pretty much everyone and everything - and we had record-breaking temperatures here in the UK. Again.

It was relentless, and climate change is both real and horrendous. London was on fire. I don't mean that metaphorically.

Friday, 5 August 2022

Friday Fics Fix - Like A Whole Season Arc of Supergirl


'“Alex,” he said quickly, his voice strained. “I need you to overrule security protocol and allow me access to a cell in the basement-level holding facility. Please listen carefully, I require several apparatuses to ensure my escape is at its lowest likelihood-”'

'Fics Fix!' with purple background and white lightning bolt shape

Good Supergirl fics are like buses (which ironically do feature in this fic) - you wait what feels like forever for one to come along, and then two come along at once!

OK, you might remember a couple of weeks ago I recommended a Supergirl fic.

...And I'm here to do it again.

...From the same fic author.

They deserve it, OK?! 😅 They're good fics!

Friday, 29 July 2022

Friday Fics Fix - This Is An Angst-Fest


'Tony Stark had, until now, been having a good day.'


'Fics Fix!' title image with purple background and white lightning bolt shape


I'm not gonna lie: this is an angst-fest.

This is pure, premium, 'should we be worried about fic authors?' angst.

...Which is why I love it, ofc. 😅

Friday, 22 July 2022

Friday Fics Fix - A Hero Descended From Villains


'...they’d known that something was wrong, just as much as they’d known that they couldn’t let Brainy out of their sight.'

'Fics Fix!' with purple background and white lightning bolt shape

Supergirl is one of the CW Arrowverse shows.

Like most of these shows, Supergirl is a cancelled series.

Which makes me sad. But we have fanfiction! Woo! (Lol.)

Friday, 15 July 2022

Friday Fics Fix - In My Defence, It's A Shared Universe


'“Hey, settle a debate for me,” he says to the poor twenty-something that probably doesn’t get paid enough to deal with Clint.

Sam gives her a sympathetic look. “Clint, man, give it a rest—” he tries, but Clint will not be deterred.'

'Fics Fix!' with purple background and white lightning bolt shape

I was looking for Hawkeye fanfics, and this one popped up instead.

And it's not technically a Hawkeye fic, and it may have Sam and Bucky from The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS)/MCU (Marvel movies) - but it's a shared universe, y'know?

OK, you got me. It's SamBucky.

...but the Hawkeye squad are here too!

Kate! Yelena! Clint!

All the sass!

Thursday, 14 July 2022

Comics Wrap-Up - In Case Anyone Was In Doubt


'Comics Wrap-Up' with speech bubbles containing heart symbols

It's Thursday, this is Dora Reads, the UK is Too Hot (I feel like I'm melting,) let's get some comics-y superhero-y goodness!

Friday, 8 July 2022

Friday Fics Fix - This Version of Captain America is Unnerving


'...superheroes are great for preventing the destruction of the earth, but they don’t seem to give a damn about high rise apartments or coffee shops or the disastrous economic catastrophes they leave in their wake.'

'Fics Fix!' with purple background and white lightning bolt shape

Honestly, what is this fic?

I have no idea what I just read.

It might be some great literary piece, doomed to languish on the Internet because it was published on a fanfiction website and not in The New Yorker (or wherever high-fallutin' things get published - I dunno,)

 - or it may be trash.

It may be complete and utter pulp trash, comparable with the crackiest of crack fics. (It's even tagged 'Crack Treated Seriously' by the author.)

(Fandom notes:

Crack is fanfiction that is so bizarre that you wonder what substances the author may or may not have been imbibing in (#Don'tDoDrugsKids))

Thursday, 7 July 2022

Monday, 20 June 2022

Month in Review(s) - May 2022

(Warning: this post discusses Covid, migraines, and mental health problems)


I know it's late-ish June. I got Covid.

...And I didn't want to just not do a post for May, because it was bugging me 😅

May 2022... *hysterical laughter*

OK, May 2022 was a bit of a rollercoaster for me.

Like, there was some really good stuff, some really bad stuff, and some stuff I point-blank don't know how to categorise.

'May - Mai' with a pink flower

Friday, 27 May 2022

Friday Fics Fix - This Is Legends


'An alarm was blaring, and once Nate came to his senses he realized he was standing outside a bank, holding a sack full of money.'


'Fics Fix!' with purple background and white lightning bolt shape

I'm still mourning for my beloved Legends of Tomorrow (LoT) after it's beautiful batsh**tery was cancelled a mere few weeks ago 

*Swoons on ye olde timey fainting couch*

(...I have no idea where that came from - let's just keep moving... 😅)

Friday, 13 May 2022

Friday Fics Fix - Dealing With The Stabby Teenager In Your Kitchen

'“Who is he?” Clint asks.

Sam shrugs his shoulders. “I don't know. He broke in, only thing he's really said is Steve's name.”'

'Fics Fix!' with purple background and white lightning bolt shape


I love fanfiction AUs.

AUs can be an incredible way for fic authors to play around with the characters and situations involved in the canon.

...and the best AUs are often the least fantastical.