Saturday 31 October 2020

6 Years of Blogging At Dora Reads!


It's Halloween, which means that it's my blog anniversary!

- Which in turn means it's time for my annual ramble about this blog, and blogging in general, and all that stuff, while trying not to repeat the stuff from previous blog anniversary posts too heavily!


'6 Years of Blogging' written haphazardly against a starry background

Yep, 6 years ago yours truly started this blog as Diary of a Reading Addict (DORA.)

As Dora Reads - a nod to the original title while being less ableist and much less of a goddamn mouthful - I'm happy to say that my little, unfocussed, often weird af, book blog, has grown and grown.

So much so that I've actually made a small amount of money. 

Not enough to be paying bills with (thank God I still live with my parents!) but still - a book blog that runs at a profit, no matter how small, is possible, dearest nerdlets!

(Yes, I'm aware that I have repeated existential crises over whether this 'counts' as a book blog - sh!)

Mainly by being a bl**dy-minded and stubborn little so-and-so.

They kicked you off the Amazon Associate thingummy because you hadn't made a penny in the first 90 days? F**k that! You sign the hell back up again. They don't get rid of you that easy.

You haven't made more than £1 in two years? Well, you just need to keep going - it's gonna break one of these days.

Step by teeny tiny baby step, you can grow your blog - assuming, of course, that that's what you wanna do (and if you don't that's fine! You do you.)

Captain America (Chris Evans), beaten but still raising his fists: I can do this all day
Via Giphy

One of the few positives that I will readily admit about myself is that I don't give up easy. 

(Although I do suggest taking breaks and pacing yourself because you know I often work too hard and that's not good, for you or your blog.)

No matter how much it feels like you've been on this treadmill forever and ever, by being an eternal pain in the ar*e persistent, you will see progress... eventually 😅

(Listen, if I with my mental health problems and general bad luck can do this, then you def. have a chance. Not a sure-fire win - I don't think anyone can promise you that. But a chance.)

The world 6 years ago looked... well, a butt-tonne different.

Don't get me wrong - the world has never been picture perfect for any but a few very lucky, very rich, people, despite what some rose-tinted nostalgia may suggest.

But in 2014 the world was less... actively on fire.

In general.

Jimmy Fallon: Just get us the hell out of 2020, please!
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Don't despair though! 

In some ways things are much better now (no, really.) 

The acceptance of diversity within the publishing industry, and within the bookish interwebs, just as one example, has come on leaps and bounds over the last few years.

There's still work to do, but we got this!

Whatever the future holds, (and at this point nothing will surprise me, to be honest,) I'm so grateful to everyone who's read my posts, commented, shared on socials, and whatever else you might've done to support me!

I know it's a typical blogger thing to gush about how awesomely awesome their readers are, but, dearest nerdlets, I really do mean it.

Thank you, for absolutely everything, and I hope to keep writing posts that you want to read!

Any suggestions for my next 6 years? 😅

Talk to me! 💬

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  1. HAPPY BLOGIVERSARY CEE!!! Thank you for being such a ray of light in the book community (and in my personal community) over the past six years. Honestly, if you keep doing what you're doing now for the next six years, you will be doing it all right. You're awesome, and your blog is such a gift.

    1. Awww Em! I know I say you're sweet a lot, but it's cos you keep being so sweet! Thank you so much for this lovely message! <3 <3 <3

  2. Happy happy blogging birthday!! And many happy returns of the day! It is very true indeed that the world was less actively on fire six years ago, and my dearest hope is that by the time your next blogiversary rolls around, things in the world will be better.


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