Sunday 3 March 2024

Nerd Church - Practice Runs and Prototypes

We're so used to seeing our media as the finished product that we rarely think about the component parts...

...the drafts. The demos. The practice runs and prototypes. 

Title: Practice Runs and Prototypes. Background: converse style shoes and punk style stickers of skull and crossbones etc.

Thursday 29 February 2024

Sunday 25 February 2024

Nerd Church - The Writer Diaries: Writing vs *Writing*


In my head, there's a difference between writing and *Writing.*

Like, I'm one of those people who thinks that all writing is writing, and I will take that to whatever bank and/or government authority you want me to.

I mean it - I will back you up 100%. All writing is writing.

Title: Writing vs *Writing*. Background: paper and fancy dried flowers

All writing is writing.

Writing this blogpost is writing. Writing a tweet is writing. Writing a to-do list is writing.

It's all physically (or digitally in some cases, I guess,) writing. 

And all of it works on your skills with words - don't ever let anyone tell you different, m'k? Gatekeepers can get all the way in the bin. *nods sagely*

Friday 23 February 2024

Friday Fics Fix - Bucky's Uncertain Ordeal


'At first he couldn't hear the voice, he couldn't hear anything. But gradually he became aware of it, coming and going in bursts. He tried to grasp it, hold on to it, but it kept slipping away.

"Bucky? Can you hear me? Can you breathe for me?"'

Title: F3. Background: kaleidoscopic patterns

When there's gaps in the canon, what's fanfic to do but to, y'know, step in...?

Like, when Avengers: Endgame leaves everyone in a nebulous situation, and The Falcon and The Winter Soldier (TFATWS) picks up after all the messy logistical stuff has already been dealt with and the brainwashed supersoldier assassin has already been pardoned.

...None of this is spoiler-y, since you can pretty much assume this from the trailer for TFATWS. #Don'tComeForMe

(Fandom notes:

Canon is the 'official' stuff in the book/film/whatever.)

Thursday 22 February 2024

Wednesday 21 February 2024

Month In Review(s) - December 2023 + January 2024


And 2023 is OUT OF HERE!!!!

And thank whoever's listening for that.

Because, in case you weren't aware, my 2023 effing sucked.

December 2023 & January 2024: Rhagfyr 2023 & Ionawr 2024

Sunday 18 February 2024

Nerd Church - I Seem To Be Watching More True Crime...

Warning: This post references true crime and murder, and discusses mental health problems - especially Anxiety.

Disclaimer time: I am not any type of psychological, medical, or scientific expert. I'm a chick with a blog, nothing more, nothing less.

Title: I Seem To Be Watching More True Crime...

Wild-child that I am, of an evening I like to get myself a snack, and a glass of diet coke, and watch TV for a while.

Lately that's meant, more often than not, true crime.

Because there's nothing more calming than some grisly murder before bed.