Monday, 20 June 2022

Month in Review(s) - May 2022

(Warning: this post discusses Covid, migraines, and mental health problems)


I know it's late-ish June. I got Covid.

...And I didn't want to just not do a post for May, because it was bugging me 😅

May 2022... *hysterical laughter*

OK, May 2022 was a bit of a rollercoaster for me.

Like, there was some really good stuff, some really bad stuff, and some stuff I point-blank don't know how to categorise.

'May - Mai' with a pink flower

Sunday, 12 June 2022

Life/Blogging Update - Covid Recovery

(Yes, this post discusses Covid)

angry cat
No, this is not my cat - it's a stock photo from Pixabay. Yes, I wish I could pet this kitty 😅

Covid really sucks, by the way.

Like, it really sucks.

So, I obviously want to get back to blogging straight away. But even walking up the stairs is still an exhausting activity, so I'm going to have to try easing myself into things.

(...which, is not easy for me. I really want to spend circa 25 hours a day, 8 days a week, being productive right now, and I can't. Argh!)

My regular posts won't be back in June - it's just not practical *sigh* - but I do have dates in July when you can expect my series-posts back on your screens:

Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Life/Blogging Update - Covid

Scared-looking gothic chick

(Warning: this post obviously discusses Coronavirus/Covid 19)

Hi everyone,

I tested positive.

I went to an outside concert for the first time in 2 years, was really careful, am triple vaxxed, and still got Covid.

So, my brain is currently smoosh, and I really hope this missive contains a modicum of sense (...I turn into a Victorian dictionary when I'm tired - sorry.)

My usual posts will be suspended for the time being, until I can think clearly enough to figure out a strategum for said missives.

(...I honestly have no clue where that came from, sorry again.)

Once I know what in the name of your great-aunt Doris (...seriously, I have no clue,) I'm doing, I will let everyone know - I promise.

See you soon.

Friday, 27 May 2022

Friday Fics Fix - This Is Legends


'An alarm was blaring, and once Nate came to his senses he realized he was standing outside a bank, holding a sack full of money.'


'Fics Fix!' with purple background and white lightning bolt shape

I'm still mourning for my beloved Legends of Tomorrow (LoT) after it's beautiful batsh**tery was cancelled a mere few weeks ago 

*Swoons on ye olde timey fainting couch*

(...I have no idea where that came from - let's just keep moving... 😅)

Wednesday, 25 May 2022

Poetry: So. Easy.

Some more poetry for you my dearest nerdlets!

This poem was first published in the Medium publication The Brain Is A Noodle (TBIAN), for the prompt 'The Cost of Rest' set by Lucy Dan (editor of TBIAN)

But, of course, my Dora Reads nerdlets must not be allowed to miss out on my poetry-ness! Lol.

Sunday, 22 May 2022

Nerd Church - The Assimilation of Self-Care

Warning: this post discusses mental health problems and stigma

Disclaimer time!: I am not any kind of medical, mental health, or psychological professional; I'm a chick with a blog.

'The Assimilation of Self-Care' in techno-style font, with an instagram-y background of flowers draped across a book

The system sees something and seeks to assimilate it.

Capitalism is a Borg Queen.

(I may've been watching too much Star Trek: Picard, but the statement still stands. 😅)

'Stunning 8K-resolution meditation app
In honor of the revolution, it's half-off at the Gap'

- Bo Burnham, That Funny Feeling 

Self-Care does NOT mean candles or baths or face masks.

Don't get me wrong: There's nothing WRONG with using candles or baths or face masks as a type of self-care - nothing AT ALL. 

Don't let anyone tell you any different.