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Wednesday, 13 May 2020

Month In Review(s) - April 2020

(Warning: this post discusses Covid 19/Coronavirus, and Anxiety)

April 2020.

Um... yeah... 

(I know it's the 13th of May - I'm disorganised, and you all know this.)

'April - Ebrill' with girl in a coat holding an umbrella, and an artsy swirl around it

OK, plus side: I had fewer panic attacks this month!

I mean, I still had panic attacks, and a butt-tonne of Anxiety, but I had slightly less of it! Woo!

(Small victories, dearest nerdlets, small victories.)

Tuesday, 28 April 2020

Mini-Review! - Legendary by Stephanie Garber

 ***All links in this post are commission links. This means I earn commission from purchases made in the US*** 

Please do not use my links to make UK purchases.

'Legendary' in a black heart outlined in dripping red, there is a smattering of stars thrown across the whole image

Title: Legendary

Author: Stephanie Garber'Legendary' book cover with red Ace of Spades

Series: Caraval #2

Genre: YA, Fantasy

Amazon: USA

The Verdict:

I don't think I've ever enjoyed a second book so much when I found the first book so... meh.

Don't get me wrong - Caraval was ok. 

It was an enjoyable enough read. 

I did have some... issues... with it when I reviewed it a few years ago, but overall it was just ok.

Wednesday, 10 July 2019

Month in Review(s) - June 2019

June kind of flew by!

Partly because I was super-busy! Which is also why I (once again) posted less here than I wanted to.

I did manage to post a review though! Woo! I can still call myself a book blog! (Lol.) 😅

June - Mehefin graphic with blue sky and sun shape

Wednesday, 19 June 2019

Mini-Review! - Dat's Love and Other Stories by Leonora Brito

**This post contains affiliate links for (US). I earn commission from qualifying purchases**

Dat's Love & Other Stories title image with red willow branches hanging down over the corner

Title: Dat's Love and Other Stories

(Also published as 'Selected Stories)

Author: Leonora Brito

'Selected Stories' book cover with an artsy illustration of a Black woman
Genres: Anthology, Short Stories, Contemporary(-ish,) Historical Fiction

Wednesday, 13 March 2019

Month in Review(s) - February 2019

February was... OK.

February title image w/ desk, paper, and scattered hearts

Look, I'd love to say it was great. But my Depression has been kind of up-and-down.

So I can't honestly call it 'great' - but 'ok' is fairly accurate.

I survived it. I even enjoyed some of it. So 'ok' is what I'm gonna call it.

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

Month in Review(s) - July 2018

Where did July go?!

Like... I know sometimes time goes quick, but really?!

July title image with funky grape and banana shapes

I think it's the heat.

I spent most of the month slouching around the house, trying to cool down, and being a generally not-nice person to be around.

Me + heat = grump monster! Lol.

Tuesday, 24 July 2018

Mini-Review! - The Girls by Emma Cline

(Warning: this post discusses and refers to serious topics such as rape and child abuse. Please be careful my nerdlets.)

The Girls title image with girl standing in a field with flowers overlaid

Title: The Girls

'The Girls' book cover

Author: Emma Cline


Adult Fiction*, Historical Fiction*, Crime*, LGBTQ+ (M/F, F/F)*✢ 

*(ish - it's a really difficult book to define tbh!)

✢ The LGBTQ+ and F/F rep isn't great (neither is a lot of the M/F tbh,) see main review.

Amazon: USA

Wednesday, 7 March 2018

Month in Review(s) - February 2018

You remember, in January, when I said I was getting the hang of the whole life-balance deal-y?

February calendar in pink with the 14th circled, and love hearts in the corner reading 'love you' and 'kiss me'

Yeah... well, regular service has resumed. My life is back to Milo-Murphy's-Law-levels of randomness.

If you haven't seen Milo Murphy's Law, this is what I'm talking about:

(Warning: flashing images)

...I relate so hard it scares me.

Typical example: I had a scratch on my hand. Not unusual?

It was from the cat. Still not that odd?

It was because the cat was squirming, trying to stop me, from stopping him, from climbing into my big brother's sling (which he was wearing at the time,) which he has because he broke his arm roller-skating.

This is my life.

Wednesday, 21 February 2018

Mini-Review! - An Untamed State by Roxane Gay

An Untamed State title image with bird flying outside bird cage in a vintage style with purple and brown tones; 'Book Review @' is written in the bottom-right corner

heart flourish decoration

Title: An Untamed State

Author: Roxane Gay

Amazon: UK - USA


This book is an open wound.

It is raw. It is powerful. And, somehow, it finds a way to be beautiful.

Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Month in Review(s) - November 2017

November was one of those super-busy months where I barely had time to think!

As such, guys, I apologise if I've been a little more AWOL than usual.

I haven't had much chance to be social and all that - so, hi! I am still here! XD

November 2017 calendar image

Wednesday, 29 November 2017

Wednesday, 15 November 2017

Wednesday, 2 August 2017

Monday, 31 July 2017

Mini-Review! - Caramel Surprise by Ja'Nese Dixon

Caramel Surprise title image

flower divider

Title: Caramel Surprise

Author: Ja'Nese Dixon

Genre: Short Story, Romance (M/F,) Contemporary

Series: Ready For Love #1

Amazon: UK - USA

Tuesday, 23 May 2017

Mini-Review! (Comics Edition!) - The Sun Dragon's Song #2

The Sun Dragon's Song title image

flower divider

Title: The Sun Dragon's Song #2

Author: Joyce Chng

Artist: Kim Miranda

Genre: Comics, Fantasy, Kids

Series: The Sun Dragon's Song

The Sun Dragon's Song #1: UK - USA
The Sun Dragon's Song #2: UK - USA
Two issue bundle #1&2: UK - USA

Tuesday, 21 February 2017

Really Mini Reviews! - 3 Contemporary F/F (Lesbian) Romances

It's funny isn't it, how there seems to be a lot more support for M/M romance than there is for F/F romance?

That's not to say that M/M romance doesn't deserve support (it totally does!) but F/F romance shouldn't have to linger by the wayside.

girls kissing pic

Now, I have a habit of reading... pretty much anything I can get my hands on, which includes F/F romances, of course!

But I also tend to go for cheap/on-offer, and free books where possible (I'm broke dammit!) - so in this post, I review 3 short (novella/short story) contemporary F/F books that I managed to snag as freebies. (Woo!)

All three of these books are classified as lesbian romances; there isn't an awful lot of non-lesbian F/F romance out there, which is another reason F/F romance needs more support!

'3 F/F lesbian romances!' Click to tweet

heart image

Title: FlashbangFlashbang Lee Winter book cover

Author: Lee Winter


OK, this one is 18+ only guys, on account of sexy-times.

This is about two journalists at a glitzy Hollywood party.

To be honest, there's not much plot – it's a short pre-sexy-times scene, followed by a sexy-times scene.

But it actually feels really... intimate, and lovely.

It's got real heart, and it's a small snapshot of a relationship that clearly means a lot to the characters involved.


The Morning After Jae book cover

Title: The Morning After

Author: Jae

Amazon: UK - USA


This is really sweet, fluffy, and enjoyable.

Kathryn wakes up at a strange apartment, with a hangover, not remembering much from the night before.

I really loved the stomping all over stereotypes, and the realistic characters, in this.

I also love the conversations between our main characters, lesbians Kathryn and Michelle, and the whole sweet 'when you least expect it' vibe.

If you're looking for something sweet (but not too sweet,) light, and free of sex-scenes, I really recommend this one. It's well written t'boot! :)

However, some people might find some of the language used in the opening date scene ableist towards people with mental health problems. ('Psycho,' 'loony,' - that kind of thing.)

I personally wasn't bothered, but I can see why it would bother a lot of people.


The Sexy Librarian Nicolette Dane book cover
Title: The Sexy Librarian

Author: Nicolette Dane

Amazon: UK - USA


This one is also 18+ on account of sexy-times.

This was actually less trashy than the title would suggest (or than the cover would suggest...)

There's actual plot here! (Which I know from M/F romance/erotica, isn't always the case!)

Don't get me wrong though – there was still a lot of graphic sexy-times!

What I loved about this one though (aside from the romance stuff) was the real love for books and reading in general that shone through the writing. That was awesome.

Not so great was the occasional... odd verb choice... when it came to the sex scenes. It wasn't terrible. It was just... a bit odd.

Perfect indulgence reading though.

heart image

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