Friday 15 July 2016

Friday Fics Fix - Meet Cute/Meet Awkward

Something sweet and awkward and rom-com-y for you this week. (And it's FrostIron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

(Fangirl reminder: FrostIron is where Tony and Loki have a little something romantic and/or sexy going on.

It's one of my OTPs (One True Pairing - and yes, there can be more than one. Because fangirl logic.) & I will defend it to the death!!!!!!!!)

In all fairness to me, I haven't rec'd FrostIron for a while.

I've been recommending fanfiction from other fandoms like a good little bookish rebel. So I think I deserve a li'l FrostIron XD

Which is good news because I love Loki, and I love Tony, and the two of them together would just be uber-perfect and...

(Obssessed????? Me????? Uh... LOOK A SQUIRREL! *runs away*)

What really impressed me about this week's fic though was the attempts to portray Loki - fairly and realistically - as being on the autistic spectrum.

To be honest, I would've loved it if this was addressed more in the fic itself, instead of being explained in the fic-author's notes - but the fact that someone's tried this with such honesty and good-will is fab.

This week's fic is:

Being the Short Account of Tony Getting His First (Real) Boyfriend at MIT by FelicityGS

It's set in a College/Modern AU (Alternate Universe) - and reminded me a lot of contemporary YA. Basically, it's really sweet, but with a great level of awkward and realistic to set it all off :)

Does anyone else know of any good fics featuring characters on the autistic spectrum?

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