Monday 31 July 2017

Mini-Review! - Caramel Surprise by Ja'Nese Dixon

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Title: Caramel Surprise

Author: Ja'Nese Dixon

Genre: Short Story, Romance (M/F,) Contemporary

Series: Ready For Love #1

Amazon: UK - USA


I really enjoyed this one - fun, cute, fluffy, but still realistic and with a strong female lead.

The writing is also excellent - although, in places it was clear that the author needs a good proof-reader. Still, Ja'Nese Dixon is an indie author, and proof-readers don't come cheap!

I also liked the inclusion of a queer side-character, though the other character's reactions to her are sometimes a little... strained? Perhaps if this book was longer it would feel more developed.

Also could've done without the 'I have no romantic partner therefore I am sad' vibes emanating from our main action, but then, this is a romance book. *shrugs*

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Things to be aware of potentially-distressing-content-wise: people threatening each other with guns, break-ins, being a lone woman with a possible intruder in the building.

I found the whole 'I carry a gun in my bag' thing weird. But then, guns are so not a part of British culture. I was also raised by hippies.

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Sandi, our heroine, is beautiful, successful, and suitably complex. Honestly, she's fab.

The characters here are really vivid: so vivid that I mentally fan-cast Essence Atkins as Sandra, and Mehcad Brooks as Bruce.

All around? An awesome little story.

This book is also #ownvoices for black rep.

(This review is a slightly altered version of one which first appeared on my account on Amazon UK.)

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  1. Sounds interesting!! I'm all for supporting indie authors :) although it is hard sometimes!

    1. It can be, yes. But if you do what you can, then that's enough! :)

  2. oh man you gotta go easier on me and my poor Dory brain! First.. Dora. I was like.. looking at the tab opened and trying to think WHO IS DORA??? so then I clicked in the tab and I was like OHHH CEE!!! but then.. a contemporary romance book?? I had to check again if it ws indeed you :) I DID NOT KNOW YOU READ CONTEMPORARY ROMANCE!!! how did I miss that??? pfffff I never miss anything! [ha!] glad you enjoyed this one! I like this Sandi already ;-)

    1. Ha, I don't read that much of it - and review even less - but I rarely rule out a genre ;) (How am I gonna read ALL the books if ignore a whole genre?! Lol.)

      Sandi rocks :)

      I recently changed my blog name to Dora Reads, sorry if I confused you! :)

    2. I know you did I commented but that's how my brain works ;-) and how come you didn't like my romance review if you read romance??? humph [stomps her feet like a toddler] :)

    3. At what point did I not like your review...? :/

  3. Glad you enjoyed this book.
    I love the title of the book...not to be prejudiced but does the caramel have to do with what she's having with her coffee or it is racial?

    1. Sandi runs a coffee shop - so it's a little of that, and a little to do with Rick's eye colour. It could also be to do with celebrating black skin colour - this is a black #ownvoices book - but I took that as a part of the whole meaning, rather than being the entire meaning by itself. (If that makes sense!)

  4. nice spott,hanlk you


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