Friday 11 August 2017

Friday Fics Fix - Flash-Back

This week I have a fic for you from DC's Flash series.

It's cute, it's fluffy, but it's also quite hard-hitting.

fics fix title image

Yes, hard-hitting and fluffy. At the same time. Fanfic writers are gonna save the world my dearest nerdlets! 😎

I have no idea whether this is #ownvoices or not (I mention this because race is a big issue in it.)

All I know is the fic author's username, which oddly enough doesn't tell me whether or not this fic is written from an #ownvoices perspective *shrugs.*

This is a fic about Iris and Barry when they were teens, so before all the metahumans and super-powers started to infiltrate their lives.

The action in this fic centres around Iris calling her father (and Barry's foster father,) Joe West to come pic her up from a sleepover, even though it's after midnight and she'd been excited to go.

Barry goes along in the car (mainly for the purposes of plot and conversation, but it's in-keeping with what the character would do, so s'all good.)

I think this fic handles racial issues well - but if I'm wrong, please let me know!

Warning: the major theme of this fic is racism.

So this week's fic is:

Midnight Drives by theoriginalicecreamqueen

Enjoy! :)

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