Sunday 6 August 2017

Nerd Church - 6 Tips For Staying Productive While Feeling Cruddy

It's always the same.

You've got a deadline; work to do; bills to pay. And you've managed to catch a cold or some other annoying buggle* at the exact wrong moment.

This week I have a pretty awful virus of some type. And I feel like crud. But I work for myself and money doesn't grow on trees (...or so they tell me; I'm gonna find that money tree one day dammit!)

*yes, I refer to viruses as 'buggles.' Blame my mother. Honestly.

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So, how do I stay productive and get cr*p done while feeling like I've been dragged unceremoniously through a hedge backwards?

Well, it probably helps that I've had practice. If you have to get cr*p done when you have depression/anxiety (hello!) you learn these things.

Plus, for around a decade I've had a tendency to pick up any cold or virus that happens to be hanging around at the time. I'm just lucky that way (...and glandular fever f**ked up my immune system as a teen.)

Here, then, are some top tips for keeping going (somehow!):

1. Never underestimate the power of your favourite mug.

Indulge yourself a little. Your favourite mug, favourite snack, favourite chair, whatever. It will make you feel just that little bit better and help you get some sh** done.

2. Coffee = Good!

DON'T OVERDO THIS ONE! If you drink too much coffee, you're gonna feel even cr*pper (...and have to pee a lot.)

But the odd cup of coffee in between doing other stuff? Priceless.

(Speaking of - you can buy me a coffee here if you wanna help me get sh** done. Please consider it if you can!)

Also, you may wanna drink lots of water. It'll stop you from dehydrating. #SafetyFirst

3. Don't be so hard on yourself.

Whatever you can do? That's fine. If you get something done, that's something you didn't have done before.

The world is hard enough all by itself. You don't have to help it along.

4. Work for 10-15 minutes. Rest. Repeat.

You don't have to be quite so precise on the times. But take breaks WHENEVER you can - even if they're only short ones.

Conserve your energy. You'll actually get more done that way. (I know, weird. But it seems to work! *shrugs*)

5. Eat what you can.

Your body needs energy and nutrients and all that jazz to keep going - especially when you're feeling cruddy.

So eat when you can, and eat what you can (obv., if you're feeling sick, there's gonna be a significant limit!)

6. Know when to call it quits.

Sometimes you're doing more harm than good by working. Take a sick day or clock-off early.

Your work will be better for it, and in the end, YOU are what matters.

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OK, so nothing here is rocket science... but it's practical. And it works for me! :)

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  1. These are great tips, Cee! Although when I'm feeling sick, I tend to just not do anything until I'm feeling better. I don't have the motivation, nor do I think my work will be very good if I force myself to do it when I'm ill. I wish I had the stamina!

    1. That's #6 - you gotta know when to call things quits! :)

  2. This is such a lovely post. I love that mug gif! So adorable.

  3. AWW I think referring to viruses as buggles might be the cutest thing ever and I love it so much. *stolen*

    These are such great tips and I feel like I might need to bookmark this post for the inevitable times where something goes wrong ... especially all the things about not being so hard on yourself and cutting yourself a break. One thing I happen to be exceptionally bad at is taking days off - I think I'm more than slightly paranoid about my school attendance, tbh - but I think having you tell me to do it makes it easier to think about. Thanks for the post, Cee, and I hope you feel better soon!

    1. *hugs* I had cr*ppy attendance, which was made worse by me worrying about attendance (dammit stress!) YOU are the most important thing. Everything else can be worked around, honestly, even if it feels like it can't.

      Honestly, I'm the world's worst at taking my own advice - but I'm getting better at it, and actually getting more done as a result! (Cos I'll tell you a secret - you're the one in charge; no-one else.)

      And feel free to steal the word buggles. ;)


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