Friday 24 November 2017

Friday Fics Fix- Batty Allen

So, I saw Justice League this week.

It's quite good, actually.

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Not great, no, but not as terrible as a butt-tonne of critics would have you believe (though I could tell them exactly what needs editing in that first section to tighten that baby the f**k up.)*

Still, Ben Affleck and Gal Godot are not my favouritest** people for reasons of sexual harassment and Zionism respectively, but I love Diana, and Batman's Batman, so there you have it.

*Nope, no coffee. This is actually me on Diet Coke and an emotional rollercoaster of a week (Yay!)

**It's a word. Shhhh.

But Jason Momoa and Ezra Miller rock.

I was a little worried about the Ezra Miller version of The Flash since I've gotten so into the Arrowverse version, but hell, NEVER DOUBT EZRA MILLER DEAREST NERDLETS ;)

The Flash/Barry Allen Ezra Miller 'Stop right there, I'm in!' Justice League gif
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And, if you didn't know, Ezra Miller is a precious Queer hero who must be protected at all costs!

(About a year ago, I admit that I didn't know who the f**k he was, but now I'm fangirl level 5000, m'k? M'k. Lol!)

(Fangirling notes: The Arrowverse a.k.a. Flarrowverse, CWverse, etc. is the shared universe of the CW's DC TV shows, comprising Arrow, The Flash, Legends of Tomorrow, and Supergirl.)

So, in the spirit of precious Queer heroes, why not have Miller's version of Barry Allen (The Flash) also be Queer af?

(Yep. It's only been out about a week and fandom has brought the gay to the max! I love fandom. So bad.)

So this fic sounds like it should end up being creepy but actually is really sweet and cute.

We have Barry and Bruce Wayne (Batman) starting a little something on the side, and it becomes really cute, super-quick. (But not in a nauseating way! Woo!)

This week's fic then, dearest nerdlets, is:

Enjoy! More fanfiction-y goodness next week! :)

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