Sunday 24 December 2017

Nerd Church - The Gift of Christmas

Christmas is awesome. Christmas is love and hope.

Christmas wrapping gift pic

I'm not gonna get all made-for-TV-movie on your butts, but whether you celebrate Christmas or not, there's something exceptionally beautiful about a time of the year dedicated to love, hope, kindness, and joy.

The world that we live in needs more things like that.

Anyone can join in with Christmas - or not - as they please.

People who criticise Muslims (in particular) for taking part in Christmas celebrations need, in my humble opinion, to go write 'I must not be a douche' as many times as it takes to get through to them :)

Because if people of non-Christian faiths, or no faith at all, want to take part in Christmas, THEN THAT'S ENTIRELY UP TO THEM.

You don't get to pick what other people celebrate. #TrueStory

Christmas is about love and understanding. Excluding people from that means that you aren't really being very Christian.

Although, there seem to be quite a few people who hide behind religion in order to be a jerk in this world. *sighs*

At the same time, if people DON'T want to celebrate Christmas - THAT'S UP TO THEM TOO.

I adore Christmas. But I don't have a problem with people not celebrating it. It's not my issue.

I do think that people who avoid Christmas because they 'don't see what the fuss is about' or think it's 'too commercial' are wrong, but that's a whole other rant - and again, I don't have to like it, that's their deal, not mine.

Whatever your plans are tomorrow, I hope you enjoy yourself, and have a good time.

Nadolig LLawen i Bob Un/Merry Christmas to Everyone! 

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  1. I totally agree! Christmas is what you make of it. You can celebrate the religious aspects or not, but ultimately it’s just about love, community, and giving. Hope you have a great Christmas Cee!

  2. (As a Muslim, I thank you for including me in the Christmas festivities). It is rumored that me and the family will have a nice lunch/dinner together tomorrow in celebration of Christmas. So. Yep. It's all about spreading the love and cheer. Happy holidays to you, my sweet Cee Arr. Thank you for being such an awesome buddy. *Squish hugs if you're down for those*

    1. No problem! :)

      Hope you had a good December 25th/Christmas! XD

      *hugs back* :)


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