Thursday 15 February 2018

Comics Wrap-Up - If This Is What You Want Then Fire At Will

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I'm writing this week's wrap-up with the flu. So if I say things that don't make any sense, just smile and pat me on the head, k? 😉

Film Trailers

Venom. Is. Coming. Dammit!!!

OK. For those of you who don't speak fluent nerd: remember when Spider-Man 3 was basically Spider-Man: The Emo Years?

The Emo-juice was Venom.

Venom is an alien entity that usually (in the course of Marvel-y things,) picks a host, and then slowly takes it over.

It usually looks a little like Spider-Man, because in the comics Spidey was its first human host.

It normally ends up creating a villain. Except... Venom's a little more complex than just a villain.

The original Venom storyline (which I've read - go me! Lol,) was a surprisingly (given the light tone of Spidey comics at the time,) dark and complex tale of love, obsession, poison, and rejection.

I hope they've done Venom justice here - so far, it looks pretty good! 😎

Warning: flashing images

Other Stuff

At Book Riot, Annika Barranti Klein defends female-led superhero movies.

(Because the man-babies have been whining. #TrueStory.)

POW! comic bubble

Johanna @ Comics Worth Reading brings us a visual history of Black Panther's costumes

POW! comic bubble

Speaking of the awesome Black Panther, in less awesome news the film misses an easy way to increase LGBTQ+ rep in the Marvel universe.

POW! comic bubble

And, to round us off, the lovely Em @ The Paperback Princess gives us her review of Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo.

So that's it for this week! What do you think of Venom?! Do you remember Spider-Man 3, or am I officially old? (Please say you remember it! Lol.)

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  1. Aw thanks for sharing my post, Cee! Hope you feel better soon <3

    1. No problem Em :) And yeah - me too! Lol. Thanks :)

  2. I'm of to go read that defense of female-led superhero movies. Sad that the boys are whining. :-)

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. Ha, unfortunately they often do! Hope you enjoyed it :)

  3. I know those lyrics! Lol. I hadn't heard of Venom, but that sounds interesting, I'm curious about this complexity you speak of. And ugh, seems like lots of opportunities for LGBT+ rep are being missed -_-


      (Seriously, I've been naming these posts with lyrics for at least 2 years. You are the second person to *ever* mention the lyrics!!!!!)

      Venom is awesome - and there's soooo much comics history there! I really hope they pull off the whole love-and-obsession thing that's been part of Venom since the start!

      *sigh* Yes. This is true. I still want them to let Loki be all kinds of Queer - as s/he canonically is in the comics.

  4. Sorry you had the flu! Hope you are feeling better now. [sighs] Vemon [sighs] Tom [sighs]Hardy [sighs] HELL [sighs] YEAH. I'll read the article about Black Panther rep after I watch the movie. No spoilers!

    1. I'm feeling a little better - still trying to kick the last of it. Thanks :)

      Ha, I'm gonna go out on a limb and say you like Tom Hardy? ;) Lol.


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