Sunday 18 March 2018

Nerd Church - Duality's Duel

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Every action has an equal and opposite reaction - Newton's Third Law of Physics

Does that work in society too? If we swing in one direction, is there an equal swing in the other direction?

Does one extreme lead to another? And can we ever be happy with extremes?

(I'm gonna be honest, this is one of those posts that wanders here and there. Because I'm kinda just musing here, there is no plan.

Those who need there to be a plan may wanna bail out now. Those who like life on the Bookish Rebel side, come along for the ride. #JustSaying)

So, if there's a swing towards equality and fairness - as un-extreme as that seems to most of us - there's also a pushback, like the alt-right and all those Nazi a**holes.

(Don't worry, I'm gonna try and refrain from going on a full-on anti-Nazi rant. I've had to do enough of those over the past few years, and sadly there are probably more in my future too.)

In some ways, the price of progress is that awful pushback. It shouldn't be, but it is.

Of course, it works the other way too. If something bad happens, there's a push against it. There's resistance.

Are the forces ever equal though?

Not in physics - I totally can't change the physics (yet...); the physics is what it is - but in the societal, philosophical, type thingummy? Are they equal?

Or does it work differently? Does there have to be one thing in control, as they fight against each other in an eternal struggle a la Star Wars?

I have definitely noticed one thing though: if you go far enough to the left, you end up at the right.

The world is round, after all.

And I reckon that's why communists so often become dictators - because even the middle ground has an opposite number, and that opposite is the common ground between the extreme-right, and the extreme-left.

So I don't know, are there opposites? Or are there just two sides of the same coin?

Are we living in a Batman/Joker scenario, just an inch from turning from one to the other?

Because the lines are worryingly blurred sometimes, in this weird, wonderful, terrible, world of ours.

I guess I think about these lines, the way that differences are really similarities, and vice versa, a lot more than a lot of people.

Maybe that's what happens when you live the life of a walking contradiction! Lol.

After all, I've learned that there's a balance - and a lack of balance - to everything.

And I realise that that sounds weird, but I live a life of being gay, straight, ace, bi, pan, etc. all at the same time, while simultaneously *not* being those things.

Sometimes opposite things are equally true.

So the right and the left? They meet. In both directions - the moderate and the extreme. They're both the same and totally opposite.

And maybe we all need to figure that out before we can make *true* progress.

Then again, maybe not. 😉

So, having succeeded in literally talking about everything and nothing, and saying everything and nothing about them, I turn to you, my nerdlets.

What do you think about the balance of this world we're all in? Has my parents' hippie-ness finally got to me? (The answer to that one is probably yes!) Talk to me!

(Also, I apologise sincerely for breaking your collective brains! Sorry!)

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  1. This was a really interesting post, Cee! I think this is why I don’t really like the political spectrum in its current state. I don’t think the political spectrum is as simple as a straight line with right or left on the end, rather it is a square made up of other intersecting and opposing values. Idk if that made any sense, but it did in my head lol.

    1. This post didn't even make sense in my head, so no worries! XD

  2. I do think that when things swing too far in one direction, there's a push-back reaction. At least that's how it seems. However, like you said, simply wanting equality and fairness is... not extreme? Despite what some people think? And also like you said, going too far in either direction isn't good either. But will there ever be a balance? Maybe, eventually, for some things. But then there will just be new things to fight over.

  3. I kind of know what you mean in this post though. If we do good, will we ever be able to stay there or will we always end up steering right back to the bad. These are thoughts I had when I studied history in detail for two years, because the pattern was just so apparent. And I see it in every day life quite a lot. :/ But I try to stay optimistic when it comes to life, and although there will always be opposition, I hope we can come to a point where there is more good and bad, and we can stay fixed at that point.

    My recent post:

  4. I agree with you about there being a push-back reaction to everything-I think there is definitely that going on with the neo-nazis and also groups who are against feminism, LGBT, veganism, etc. I think they are just threatened by progress because they think they will lose power. I also agree that the extreme left and right of the political spectrum are strikingly similar and both can lead to oppression, violence and suffering. I tend to align myself in the middle of most kinds of scale because I always see both sides to an argument. I think we need both light and dark in the world for anything to make sense. Sometimes it feels like the darkness is winning but I think that's just because the negative people shout louder.

    1. I have to admit that I'm further along the left-wing than the right - the right just tends to hurt people far sooner along the line than the left does *shrugs* it's an opinion!

      I think as long as there's hope, there's light. :)

  5. I love full-on anti-Nazi rants so I hope you don;t refrain too much :)
    I totally agree two "opposite" "extremes" end up meeting at the other end and being the same even though they try to be "opposites". Everything black and white always ends up that way.

    1. Ha, they're exhausting though dammit! Lol.

      Yes! Shades of grey, (no, not like *that!*) and all that! :)

  6. I've always considered myself moderate, but I find myself getting more and more liberal in response to the conservative extremes out there, so I can really relate to this post on a personal level. I suppose it's a bit of a reaction, but it's also partially me realizing that I can't just sit back and let things happen around me anymore---I need to take more of a stand for my beliefs.

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. I am all for standing up for your beliefs! XD I think these things tend to vary by nationality as well - politics-wise, our British right-wing would probably be considered quite left-wing by Americans!


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