Wednesday 4 July 2018

Month in Review(s) - June 2018

June was stressful...  but just about OK. Some of it was even awesome.

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My grandmother is hoooome from hospital!*

While we're totally thrilled to get her home, it's also been really stressful to try and get everything ready for her, and to get her settled back in again.

It's gonna take a while for everything to be OK, she was in hospital for over three months and there was still snow on the ground when she was admitted!

So it's a bit of an adjustment, but she's already doing sooo much better!

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*(UPDATE: It's the 2nd of July and she's been re-admitted to hospital after falling, hopefully not for so long this time.)

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On a related note, please please pleasssseee check out my post on Parkinson's Disease and Parkinsonism.

It's something that means a lot to me, and I'm grateful to anyone who reads it!

Unfortunately, the UK is currently in the middle of a huge heatwave.

I am not a pleasant person to be around in the heat, so for the safety of those people around me, I really hope it cools down soon!

On the plus-side of June, I went to an awesome The Killers concert at The Liberty Stadium in Swansea!

The crowd was made up of middle-aged drunk jerks, but The Killers were absolutely amazing - the best concert I've been to!

And that's up against some of my favourite bands (The Holy Emo Trinity!)

They can really put on a show!


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So, how was June on Dora Reads?:

Mildly Amusing Searches

I get the feeling I've forgotten to mention this before (I always intended to!) but this li'l section is inspired by Cait @ Paper Fury and various other bloggers who've picked it up along the way.


What even is that?! And how the f**k did it lead you to my blog?! I'm so confused!

June's 5 Most Popular Posts

...all of June's most popular posts were written in May. That's... do my posts seem better with age or something?! 😅

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Non-Review Posts

Comics Wrap-Up

comics wrap-up title image with maga-style lady handing her living-shadow a flower

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Friday Fics Fix

fics fix title image with purple background and white lightning bolt shape

Johnlock Blogging - how the hell is John Watson getting that many blog comments?! Oh, and there's some John/Sherlock romance.

Lady Love - my major superhero crush, Sara Lance, with her on-screen girlfriend, Ava Sharpe

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Wooing, Midgard-Style - Tony and Loki and things lost in communication

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Nerd Church

Light in the Dark - fighting against the bigotry of Germaine Greer and Tommy Robinson

What's the Purpose of Purpose? - I cause a variety of existential crises. Sorry.

Other Non-Review Posts


Graphic Novels

So, that's June! Did you guys read anything good? Talk to me! 😊💬

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  1. I’m glad your grandma is better. Hopefully she’ll get out of the hospital again soon. We’re in the middle of a heatwave here, too. I hate it. I’m not a summer person. Have a great July!

    Aj @ Read All The Things!

  2. I’m glad your grandma was released from hospital! Hopefully she’ll recover quickly from this fall and back at home soon! I also love your mildly amusing searches feature. It’s too funny :D

    1. Thanks - I hope so too!

      And I'm glad you like it! XD

  3. We have a heat wave here too (30s and above for the whole week!). It's the humidity that gets me.
    I've read lots of books in June but took time off and actually didn't post much or did much on the blogosphere. Trying to get motivated about writing and blogging in general.

    I hope your gran gets better. :)

    1. Urgh, I need it to cool down. I think I'd melt if it reached the 30s, the high 20s is bad enough!

      Thanks :)

  4. Oh no, I was gonna say I'm so glad your grandma is finally out of the hospital but now I'm sorry she's back in :-/ I hope she gets better soon and gets out quickly this time <3

    A Killers concert sounds awesome! Glad it was great!

    1. Thanks Kristen, I do too.

      And it was totally amazing! XD

  5. Oh, honey, I'm so sorry y'all are still dealing with stuff with your grandmother. Your family's in my thoughts.

  6. I am sorry your grandmother had to be readmitted but as you said, hopefully for not too long! I also really like the heat but you do have to be careful to keep hydrated and I hope you're surviving being cooked hehe :D

    1. She's doing ok at the moment - hopefully she'll be home again soon! (Fingers crossed!)

      Urgh, I'm no good in the heat! Seriously. For everyone else's sake, it needs to cool down!!!

  7. Sorry to hear about your grandma falling, hope she is mending. Hot here too! Sounds like you had a great time at the killer concert!

    1. She's up-and-down health-wise. Hopefully we'll have more of the ups soon!

      Yes!!! I had an excellent time @ The Killers!!!!!! XD

  8. I hope your Grandma is out now! I'm sorry she's falling and not doing well. Thank you so much for the post on Parkinson's as it now has a personal connection to me.

    1. She is out! She's doing much better, thanks! (Fingers crossed!) No problem - it's something that def. needs to be talked about more.

  9. Now when I talk to my mom, she has trouble remembering things and seems very tired. She used to pride herself on her memory. It's so sad.

    1. It's horrible, stay strong. Try to encourage her to eat enough, stay hydrated, and sleep enough. These are all things which people with Parkinson's often want to do *less* but should do *more* than average. Obv, I can only talk from my experiences with nan, but the confusion and memory problems are a lot less when she's had enough to eat and drink, and had enough sleep. *hugs*

  10. Sorry your grandma ended up back in the hospital so soon! Hope the stay was a short one!!

    Nicole @ Feed Your Fiction Addiction

    1. It was actually two weeks - which compared to her previous stay of several months, feels like a relief! Thanks for the good wishes <3


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