Sunday 8 July 2018

Nerd Church - Don't Get Distracted By Shiny Balls

(Warning: this post contains details of the persecution of LGBTQ+ people, and references to the war in Syria, and the novichok poisoning incidents.)

football on a Russian flag painted onto a football pitch

Russia. At the moment there are balls flying everywhere.

And the media seems to have largely forgotten that Russia* has repeatedly had their names entered in the Naughty Book.**

Because they've really been doing a lot of sh** lately.

And we can't forget about that just because your team are kicking a ball around.

*By which I mean the Russian government and regime, not normal Russian citizens/people.

**Did you guys have a 'Naughty Book' and a 'Good Book' in infants/primary school? 😅 There was no bigger threat than having your name put in the Naughty Book! It had a frowny face on the cover and everything!

When England won on Tuesday*, it was the main headline on the BBC 10 o'clock news.

(For those outside the UK - that is THE news authority here.)

Don't get me wrong, it's worthy of being included in the news programme (despite the fact that as a Welsh chick my first instinct is to roll my eyes whenever England sports teams do anything.)

*I'm writing this on Friday, so I don't know what happened in Saturday's match.


When there's so much damned sh** happening in the world?!

And when you've been ignoring Russia's human rights abuses since the tournament started?!

I saw nothing on the main news programmes about the arrest of Peter Tatchell for his protest in Red Square.

(Judging by their reaction, one man with a mildly phrased poster is down-right terrifying. I keep telling you that one person can make a difference, dearest nerdlets.)

The news outlets covered it online, yes, but they didn't consider it worthy of the TV news.

Peter Tatchell was standing up for our LGBTQ+ Russian and Chechen siblings who are being murdered and tortured with state approval.

This is an ongoing issue, and while people watch the football and happily ignore what's going on in the background, it's only going to continue.

I'm not saying that you can't watch the football, and enjoy it.

I honestly don't want to stop anyone's enjoyment of sport.

But does that mean that you have to ignore what's happening to your fellow human beings?

I'm sorry if I'm ever-so-slightly souring your enjoyment of getting sloshed and eating burgers while watching the footie - but this is a matter of life and death.

While our LGBTQ+ siblings are in this much PHYSICAL DANGER we, as a community, will not be silent.

I hope that you care enough about our lives, as our allies, to help us in this, and not let Russia, or Chechnya, get away with these Crimes Against Humanity.

And there is a whole freaking litany of other sh** that Russia, and Putin, have pulled.

To name a few:

By all means, enjoy the sport. Sport's great and I love football.

(Albeit the team I was supporting in this World Cup in the absence of Wales, Japan, are out 😓). 

But don't let the spectacle and excitement of the tournament distract you from what's going on here. Lives are literally at stake.

Don't, for one second, let the world think you're ok with what Russia's doing.

Don't make yourself complicit by your silence.

Speak when you can.

Stay safe. Speak up when you can. Love with all your hearts, my dear nerdlets. 💖

OK, I know this week's post was kinda intense - do you think there's a way to balance sport with protest? Talk to me! ✌💬

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  1. I have to admit, although I am not /watching/ the football (there's no tv where I am au pairing) I do hope that I England will win because this is the best chance they;ve had in a long time. I also would be watching if I could. BUT. I do think people get wayyy too over the top about football. Apparently domestic abuse percentages increase when England loses, and also the rioting when they win is a bit out of hand. And yes, there are still horrors happening which are going ignored or are shoved aside because of sport and it's important to be aware of the problems and remember them. Not everything is perfect even though it can seem that way when England is winning.

    My recent post:

    1. Where are you au pairing where there's internet but no TV?!

      Domestic abuse incidents go *waaaaay* up when sports events in general are on. Because apparently people never learned how to deal with their frustration without hurting someone else *sighs*

      So true, you can enjoy football and support your team without ignoring what's going on away from it!

  2. I'm not convinced yet that Russia was behind the Salisbury (and Amesbury) poisonings, but there is so much nasty stuff happening on their own soil and I, too, am struggling to understand why the mainstream media are effectively ignoring the bad news there. Usually they fall all over themselves to add to our fear of the outside world, but when it comes to men-kicking-heads persecution of LGBTQ people coinciding with men-kicking-balls sport, suddenly there's only time for one?

    1. This is what I'm saying. I'm fine for them to report on the World Cup - but there are people suffering and dying in that same country for being *who they are.* And people just don't seem to care. *sighs*

      Thanks for the awesome comment and support though <3


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