Friday 5 October 2018

Friday Fics Fix - Just Desserts

'"Are you sure you're interested only in the tart?" Ron asks lightly, to which Harry simply pretends he has no idea what he's talking about.'

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It's October! And October means Harry Potter fanfiction here on Dora Reads! 😊

This week's fic is from my new favourite sub-genre of 'fics where Ron is determined to make Drarry happen, because they're both irritating him with their goddamn mutual pining.'

(Fangirling notes: Drarry is a romantical and/or sexual relationship between Draco Malfoy and Harry Potter.)

Yup, Draco's working in the ministry canteen, and Ron low-key ships it.

Not that he wants to know the level of detail Harry eventually lets slip! Poor Ron. Lol.

(Fangirling notes: 'ships it' means 'really really wants this relationship to happen.')

So basically, Draco tempts Harry in with treacle tart (which there are descriptions of, for those who like that kind of thing,) only to mysteriously serve it to anyone except Harry.

And Harry's not having that, and is determined to get Draco to serve him some tart.

Ron's just there like, 'Mhm, this is totally only about dessert. The tart. Right. Sure. 😏'

And then Harry embarks on the most hilariously awkward flirting anyone has ever seen.

What we have here is a magical rom-com which also doesn't skimp on the sex scenes.

So, like, 18+ Only, ok?

OK, I warned ya. #ResponsibleAdult

This week's hilarious canteen-based rom-com is:

Do you think there should be more LGBTQ+ rom-coms?
(Yep, I went there.)
Do you have a randomly specific favourite sub-genre of fanfiction?
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  1. I love how this fanfic is so specific! Like it all starts with a tart and then spirals into something bigger lol! You don’t get that kinda detail in regular novels.

    1. Ha, nope, you have to go to fanfiction for that kind of creative specificity! ;) <3


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