Wednesday 18 March 2015

Shame the Shamers

I don't know whether you've seen a particular meme - it's been hanging around on my various feeds for months and now I can't even find it to show you, typical - but I'll describe it for you and why I don't like it.

It features a fictional conversation between two people, the first person is excited that they've finished a 150 page (or around about) book, and it's taken them a long time to read. The second person asks (as Captain Barbossa from PoTC) "how stupid are you?" (or words to that affect.)

The thing is: this isn't what our online reading community should be like. There's a vibrant and thriving group of bibliophiles on the web - so much so that we can rarely even keep track of each other - and instead of encouraging people who wouldn't normally read, some of us ridicule them. Not cool guys. If someone who struggles to read, or even just struggles to find time to read, has made the effort, then they should be applauded. If I struggled to do a bean bag race, only to find a champion runner making fun of me at the end, then I doubt I would ever run again.

Let's keep it friendly and encouraging guys - the more the merrier after all!

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