Tuesday 19 May 2015

A Comic Discovery

Hi! One of my companions in nerd-girl-ity recently introduced me to ComiXology (www.comixology.co.uk) - this is a place where you can get digital comics. Now, you know I'm not normally one for the digital stuffs - I like a good bit of print and paper for my reading fix. But, though you can buy reasonably cheap comics here, it's the free section I signed up for.

This is full of the weird and wonderful - from indie titles to Marvel and DC, the array on offer is well worth the discomfort of the digital format. The reading can either be an awkward zoom-in/zoom-out kind of deal-y, or in sequential format (so, one pane transitions to the next on command.) Again, not a big fan of the sequential-ness but once I figured out that I could use the arrow buttons on my keyboard instead of the on-screen buttons which kept bringing up the blasted tool-bar and covering the words. Strange that. Arrows do arrow things. Who knew? ;)

By the way, should you want to do your own foraying into the world of ComiXology and digital comics, I highly recommend the 'Detective Honeybear' free issue. It's a teddy bear detective - he says vewwy instead of very. Your argument is officially invalid. It's frickin' adorable - so much so that I may have to flap my arms, bounce up and down, and make the 'squeeeee!' noise.

It's pretty addictive. Don't say I didn't warn you, and, as always, happy reading!

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