Saturday 2 May 2015

Reviewing the evidence - Love is Blind

Title: Love is Blind (US Link)
Author: Kathy Lette
Genre: Ditzy, Romance
Series: Quick Reads

A few starting notes:

This is another book in the Quick Reads series. As I've previously mentioned, this series consists of short, easily digested books by top authors on a variety of subjects. They're normally priced somewhere between £1 and £1.99. They're excellent for a hit of reading - whether you're a reader or someone who struggles.

This particular book is what I call 'ditzy' - others may refer to it as chick-lit, women's fiction, etc. but I think that excludes any dudes who might like a bit of ditz in their lives. Although, the pink cover and subtle-as-a-slap-to-the-face title may not help when it comes to attracting male readers.


Anthea's life is perfect. She has the perfect job, perfect home, perfect body, perfect fiancé. Her sister Jane though is the ugly duckling of the family, driven to husband-hunting in the Australian outback, where what's on the outside isn't as important as the fact that you're a woman.

Anthea thinks Jane may have completely lost her marbles. She's determined to bring her sister to her senses. Except...

Except maybe 'perfect' isn't as perfect as Anthea thought it was.

Best bits:

The verbal sparring between the sisters early on is highly enjoyable for it's pantomime yet quick-witted nature. Lette's metaphors verge on the random, which makes arguments all the more entertaining.

This book is short and entertaining - perfect for slipping into a modern hectic lifestyle. The plot is fairly fast-paced and enjoyable, and less sappy than the title suggests. And a fair few points are made about modern standards of success and beauty along the way.

Not so great bits:

OK, so it's not exactly deep. Is it meant to be though? This is one of those books that is all about basking in the guilty pleasure.


A fab slot-in book for your spare time, enjoyable and non-too-taxing. This is just begging for a cuppa and a chocolate bar under your favourite blanket.

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