Friday 17 July 2015

Friday Fics Fix

Hello! And welcome to my first ever Friday Fics Fix!

This is where I trail through reams of fanfiction so you don't have to! Because fanfics are a really, really strange portion of the internet - yet weirdly addictive!

I plan to highlight about five fics every Friday, pointing out the weird and wonderful. I want to say now that if I give a warning I mean it. Seriously, I'm not responsible if you ignore it. Nor am I responsible for the general disturbing-ness and bonkers-osity that occurs in a helluva lotta fics!  I'll try to give an age range as well, because let's face it, a lot of fics are porn - or whatever your preferred word: slash, smut, lemon, citrus, PWP... I'm wise to you erotica peddlers! I will mark M (mature) anything that's not suitable for under 18s. Although you'll probably just ignore me; but I'll have tried.

But why fics? Because it's reading! Plus, some of them are actually quite good, and some...just have to be seen to be believed. And I love anything that explores the characters and stories I enjoy. I'm going to try to keep as fandom-neutral as possible, but obviously I'll be able to understand and evaluate fics from my own fandoms far more easily.

Ooh! And before I forget, there are very few heterosexual (straight) pairings in fanfiction. So if you have any issues with homosexuality then a) love will still win, and b) fanfiction isn't going to be for you.

Without further ado - here is your Fics Fix!

The Talk - by Starkers.

Rated M (by author.) This is a superfamily one-shot (one chapter) fic. Supefamily is non-canon (non-official plots and aspects) Marvel fiction where Steve Rogers and Tony Stark are married (usually this pairing is referred to as Stony) and raising Peter Parker - who they've adopted. Yep, Captain America and Iron Man are Spidey's fathers. It's actually usually ridiculously cute, and this is no exception.

At first, this seems really really awkward - Steve makes Tony have a 'talk' with Peter about certain...biological urges...that may lead to him spending a long time in his bedroom alone; the awkwardness is part of what makes it endearing, and the ending just makes it really adorable! I actually really enjoyed this fic, and the fluff (i.e. lovey-dovey non-sexual stuff) between Steve and Tony is done really well.

The Lightning Strike - by Batsutousai.

Rated M (by author and probably pretty much anybody who has ever read it.) This is an Omegaverse fic for the Marvel universe. If you're naïve and/or new to fics I'm so, so sorry I'm about to tell you about this. Move on to the next one if you want. OK, the Omegaverse is where people are born with the sexuality and social structure inherent in wolf packs. Again, feel free to skip. So the Alpha is the dominant one, the Beta is like a second (not always included in these fics) and the Omega is the subservient one (often very bad things happen to them.) People also go into heat when they're ready to mate, and in some fics there's 'knotting' as part of sex. Generally, in this genre, heats are painful and lead to hormones and pheromones taking almost complete control.

There were aspects of this fic that what really interesting - particularly in terms of Loki. This fic has Loki as Omega, who suddenly goes into heat in a battle, leading Alpha Tony's protective instincts to set off a rather unusual set of events. Basically it's a FrostIron (Tony and Loki pairing) Omegaverse fic.

Warnings for this I would say are: implied/desired dub/non-con sex; threesome; repressed sexuality; sex toys; much and various sexual things; mate-bonding; a bunch of prejudice; a bunch of physical and emotional distress.

Sherlock' Secrete - by The Posh Pancake.

Rated K+ (older kids) (by author) - I would say this is for age 16+ or possibly even older. I assume that the author means Sherlock's Secret, as they use secrete for secret throughout. This is JohnLock for the Sherlock fandom (John Watson and Sherlock Holmes pairings.)

It's quite fun and a light-hearted, but there's a bit of adult themes here - particularly at the end. Still, it's wonderfully wacky.

Goodbye's the Saddest Word - by roelliej.

This is a Harry Potter fic - it's a very short fic about Draco and Harry as married fathers. It's OK, not my cup of tea, but something that shows the imagination of fans. It's cute fluff really, and is quick and readable - if a little random.

Stucky - by Gonardo.

This is M. No question about it. This is porn. This is a Marvel, Stucky, fic (Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes) and includes much graphic gay sex. To be honest, the whole thing is graphic gay sex. I thought I'd highlight this one because it's just such a definitive example of so much 18+ rated fanfiction (and is PWP - plot what plot? as far as I'm concerned.) (Still, those of you who like Stucky smut/citrus/lemon will love it.)

Well, that was my first Friday Fics Fix - providing your Fix of Fics to stop reading and fandom withdrawal! :)

I hope I haven't disturbed you too badly with all this! Feel free to comment and let me know what you think, and tell me about any fics you think I should feature (please not too disturbing!!!! There's some f****d up s**t out there!) And please attempt to go by my ratings/warnings. Although I do wonder why I bother.

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