Friday 31 July 2015

Friday Fics Fix!

Friday Fics Fix!

Yes, my beautiful bookish people, it is time once again for me to go off the rails and trail through the ever-expanding masses of fan-fiction on the interwebs to bring you five of the best, the worst, and the down-right weird. I apologise in advance, but honestly, there's a lot worse out there - you're lucky I go through it so you don't have too.

I've actually found some relatively non-disturbing fics for you this week - as in, can be read by people under the age of 18. They're also all one-shots - which are one part stand-alone short stories. I hope you enjoy and as always, feel free to make (non-emotionally-scarring) suggestions.

What if Deadpool taught at Hogwarts? by Absent Emotions.

This is 'crack fic' - as in, 'you must've been on crack to come up with it.' Like most crack fic, it leaves you slightly bemused and needing a lie-down and a glass of water while your brain tries to process it. However, it's Deadpool teaching Defence Against the Dark Arts at Hogwarts - so it has to be included in my picks just for the sheer randomness of that idea. This is actually relatively acceptable to most age groups - but it is very, very weird.

Wanderer by Empatheia

This is a full-blown crossover (where one fictional world/franchise is smooshed into another one,) between Harry Potter and Alice in Wonderland, where Miss Luna Lovegood and Alice are old friends, and Luna is constantly on the search to get back to her. To be honest, it's most then just friendship, but it never gets explicit so no worries - it's actually kind of sweet and beautiful.

The Starbucks Hobo by Loki's Brat

This is Stucky fluff. I know that sounds like another language (it is, it's fangirl/boy,) but it basically means that it's a Steve Rogers (Captain America) and Bucky Barnes relationship (yes, romantic, this is fan-fiction, almost everyone is gay,) that doesn't go into physical or sexual detail and stays in the fluffy rom-com gee-isn't-that-sweet territory. This is set in Starbucks, which is a well-known AU (Alternate Universe) for the Avengers. I don't know why. People just want the Avengers characters to work in a coffee shop; plus fangirls love the thought of Captain America being the 'Star' and Bucky being the 'bucks.' Supernatural references in this fic; also, I love where Clint works, it's so very fitting.

Fever by 1kiwiabroad

This is a Sherlock sickfic (story where the main character is ill, and one of the others has to take care of them.) Sherlock has flu, and, delusional, is running around Baker Street starkers - it's actually quite cute and fun.

Knock Knock by PrettyKitty Luvs U

OK, this is a really short fic, so my explanation of the background will probably be longer than the actual thing. Sorry, can't be helped. This is a Jackunzel Big Four fic. The Big Four are Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians, Rapunzel from Tangled, Merida from Brave, and Hiccup from How to Train Your Dragon. They all know each other and are friends because someone somewhere decided it should be so, and legions of fangirls just got sucked in. This fandom is also sometimes referred to as Rise of the Brave Tangled Dragons. There are various ships (favourite relationships) within the fandom, and occasionally it expands to include characters from the movie Frozen (though technically this is then the Big Six.) Unusually for a fandom, the ships tend to favour heterosexuality rather than homosexual relationships. Jackunzel is the pairing name for Jack Frost and Rapunzel, which kind of feeds into the seasons metaphor that Big Four fans have a thing about (Jack as Winter and Rapunzel as Spring in this case.) This is cute fluff, and like I said - shorter than the explanation.

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