Friday 21 August 2015

Friday Fics Fix! - Fic-ception Edition

For this week's Fics Fix I've kind of got a theme going for my recs (recommendations, for non-fandom speakers,) - fics where the characters find fanfiction of themselves on the internet, and pretty much get scarred for life. It's a little bit fourth wall meets Inception, with a huge helping of gay porn. I'm going to blanket rate these fics M - Ok, kids - no reading these! The reason why I'm blanket rating is because the internet is a terrifying place and if there is anything left of your innocence, given the amount of weirdness on the web, please do RUN; RUN FAST. Seriously, if you're still somewhat normal, find something else to read (and stay in school, don't do drugs, stealing is wrong...there, I tried.)

Oh, and these are all MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) fics, mainly Avengers-centric - not because I was aiming for that, just because it turned out that way. And thanks to my friend Miss Lottie for the Fic-ception phrase ;)

Midgardian Smut by Lula Madison

OK, this is perhaps a bit, well, crack (which, as I explained before, is a fan-fiction that you would need to be on crack to come up with) but it's actually really funny. Basically, Loki finds the Internet - complete with smutty fanfics - and torments Steve, Tony, and Thor. What I really like is that slowly the Internet warps everyone's brains - because that's what I feel. So, so, often. Particularly when writing posts about fanfiction. (Warning: there is Stony (Steve and Tony) and Thorki (Thor and Loki) relationships.)

The Joys of the Internet by turnthemusicupnow

This time it's Tony who finds the dirty stuff on the internet, and then passes it on. Doesn't fully descend into porn, but the inference is most definitely there. This includes ThunderShield (where Steve and Thor have the hots for each other,) and a bit of Science Bros flitting in at the end (where Tony and Bruce get more snuggly than the studios would allow in the films.)

Don't Ever Call Me Stevie and Food Play by Unoriginality

These are fab. I mean really, fantastic. Essentially, Bucky traumatises Steve with internet (and it doesn't even morph rapidly into gay porn - I know, how weird? They don't end up kissing and doing naughty things, and it's still funny!)

The day Loki discovered Frostiron by Majinie

OK, this is Frostiron - where Tony Stark and Loki have a little something going on romantically. I'm more than a little worried that that sentence is no longer weird to me. I may need a fic detox soon. Anyway, Loki finds Frostiron porn on the internet - and you can pretty much guess where it ends up from there.

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