Friday 14 August 2015

Friday Fics Fix! - Poetry Edition!

For this week's Fix of the Fics you crave, I decided to select some poetry fics - just because I felt like it, to be perfectly honest with you lovely people. I like poetry. I (cautiously) like fan-fiction. Why not explore a smooshing of the two?

I'll try not to let it get too disturbing.

So, your Fics...

The White of Winter by Bucky da Bae Barnes

OK, so this is a little dramatic. But it's pretty cool, all in all. I like people who are brave enough to write a sonnet about Bucky Barnes (Avengers/Captain America fandom) and his conflict with identity issues - write on dear author! Write on!

Always by SuzanneSuperFan

This is a love poem from the Harry Potter fandom. As you may imagine, it's about Snape and Lily and makes use of two of the most beautiful lines in English literature. (Potter fans know what I mean.)

For You by Darth Soror

This is a poem based on the beautiful film Tim Burton's Corpse Bride (one of my favourite films from now until forever.) The poem is actually quite well-written - not a literary prize-winner by any means, but not to be sniffed at all the same.

I Believe by StorySongs

OK, at first glance this is perhaps nothing special. But read it again. And again.

Do you see it? Maybe you don't but I think it's actually bordering on brilliant. But then, poetry is a very subjective thing (and Sherlockians are notoriously odd...let's face it.) I think it's actually really good this one - a battle cry merging urban betas with poetic tradition. Still just me? OK...I'll shut up now.

And, just because it made me smile, I give you a Pirates of the Caribbean poem entitled My Peanut by Scotland's Fiery Rose. I shall be back next week with more fan-fiction to keep you insane!

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