Friday 11 September 2015

Friday Fics Fix!

Hey everyone, just a quick Friday Fics Fix for you this week! I thought I'd recommend a fic author for a change, instead of specific fics.

So, I recommend CeliaEquus - a legend of a fic writer, who has written over 300 fics for various fandoms (including a lot of Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Harry Potter,) - she writes well, isn't afraid to explore new avenues, and multiple character relationships. And she writes a lot of smut for those of you more pornographically motivated (you know who you are.) Pay attention to her ratings/warnings - nobody read anything too mature for them, please, or your parents will have my arse on a plate (and then someone would write a fic about that and it would just get really bad, really fast - honestly.)

There you have it then, hours of smut, fluff, and alternate universes. Have fun!

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