Friday 9 October 2015

Friday Fics Fix! (In Which There is Much Loki)

Sometimes you need much Loki. Maybe it's just me, but, judging by the amount of fics out there, I'd say not. So, this week, for Friday Fics Fix, there is much Loki. More specifically, there are three Loki-centric drabbles/ficlets (these are ultra-short one part fics which usually have less than 1000 words, sometimes less than 500. They comprise a scene, monologue, musing, conversation, or snapshot, and are great for a quick fix of the characters you love.)

LOKI: Fear by TheNativeAce - I would say this is 18 + because of what it infers (which, as we all know, is often worse that what's actually depicted) this is a Loki & Thanos drabble with Captain America in pain to boot. There are many feels (intense fangirl feelings that provoke bizarre noises.)

Loki and the Toy Store by Lokiismylife - this is sweet and sort of FrostIron (which, all together now, is: where Tony Stark and Loki have a little romantic something going on,) and is quite funny. For when you need a quick mood lightener.

Of Fanfiction vs Reality by EllyZeller - this is what I like to refer to as Fic-ception. The characters read fanfiction and start to get ideas... This is definitely FrostIron, but isn't too explicit (for once!)

Happy reading :)

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