Friday 2 October 2015

Friday Fics Fix! (In Which We All Pretend We're Not Crying For Bucky Bear)

I have but one humble (or maybe not so humble, who knows?) fic for you this week. That fic is
This actually doesn't include sex or even romance or heavy petting (I know! In a fanfiction?! How did this happen?) Instead, what we have here is something which will tear your heart out, take a big juicy bite, and then show it to you :) (See, it's sentences like that which convince me I'm now officially a fangirl - as if there was any doubt.)
I think that Bucky ("Who's Bucky?" - sorry, Marvel girl humour there,) is the cause of more feels (to the non-fandom initiated, these are intense, indescribable feelings that take you over completely) per Marvel fangirl than almost any other character (save maybe Loki... (sigh.)) Because... well... Bucky Bear! (This is where we, as fangirls, establish that Bucky Barnes is adorable in a way reminiscent of a teddy bear, or adorable when with a teddy bear, or adorable as a teddy bear.) This originates from Baby Avengers, in which Steve (Captain America,) carries a teddy bear named Bucky. Ahhh, I love it when canon (the official book, series, comic, whatever,) comes up with something that even a fangirl would've been scared to start (...depending on which fangirl.)
So, back to the fic at hand. Kindness, What is Kindness? is a heart-breaking dose of the feels featuring none other than Bucky Barnes (contains Captain America: Winter Soldier spoilers.) It's lovely, it's well-written (save the odd bit of grammatical gremlin-ness,) and you need  to read this if you've ever looked at Bucky Barnes and felt the urge to make it all better! (Yes, every Marvel girl in existence, I'm talking to you.) Enjoy :)

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