Sunday, 25 October 2015

Nerd Church! - James Dawson's Diversity List

(UPDATE 9th April 2016: James Dawson is now Juno Dawson. Her website link in this post has been updated. The name of this post remains the same because Juno was James when I wrote the post. I have however changed James to Juno in the text.)

Hey everyone! I'm probably, as you're reading this, off on nerd pilgrimage to my local comic-con, happily basking in my nerdiness.

So, instead of leaving you all high and dry, I thought I'd leave this link to a list of diverse YA fiction from the author Juno Dawson. Enjoy - and I hope you find something to add to your tbr list - I know I will. I first found this list through this post on Tumblr - which has a bunch of awesome cover pics all smushed together for the visuals to be all visually visual (I haven't even had coffee, what is wrong with me?)

girl writing in notebook

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