Friday 13 November 2015

Friday Fics Fix! (In Which There is Nothing but Smut)

Warning: Much adult humour and a smutty piece of fanfiction ahead

This week, I haven't been able to find anything that isn't truly filthy to recommend for this Friday's Fics Fix. So I gave up and just picked something that's so smutty my eyeballs might fall out - yet not as smutty or depraved as many of the things I've read online. Obviously, this fic is 18+ only I mean it - save yourselves.

A few things to mention before I give you the link. Firstly, a quick reminder that pretty much everyone in fanfiction has gay sex. Like, a lot of gay sex. Right, now I should explain a facet of the Avengers fandom that is the Thorki ship. As I've told you before, shipping is fantasised romantic relationships, usually between male characters, that is then usually given a shipping name of some sort. Thorki is... well, it's Thor and Loki having sex. I'm going to be honest. Luckily, they aren't biologically related - which dials down the creepy factor considerably; but they were raised as brothers, which is still weird. In no way is this the creepiest relationship in fanfiction (off the top of my head I'd have to say, excluding ships that involve real people, the creepiest is probably twincest. Twincest is from the Harry Potter fandom. And that is the most explaining I'm going to do about that.) Some people however will find Thorki too weird to handle - and that's ok. To those people I say: run, fast, and don't look back.

Thorki In Furs by BlackMorgan is a fairly tender Thorki fic - but not so much so that it pulls them out of character. It's also considerably less dodgy than the title suggests. The furs are blankets. It's nice, straight-forward, plot-lacking, erotic gay fanfiction - and doesn't involve the more extreme stuff that many fanfictions are rife with. It's also quite well written - again, assuming that fanfiction hasn't warped my perceptions to too great a degree.

There's also a fab line in this fic, that made me laugh (although, I'm not entirely sure it was meant to, it probably was though):

'Loki rolled onto his side, long legs tangling in the silver furs, skin aglow as he held out his hand in invitation. "Come Brother, the furs are warm but I am cold. I need to feel the sun." He lowered his gaze towards his brother's groin and smiled. "And I see that it has already risen."'

I'll try to come up with something more respectable next week. I promise.

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