Friday 20 November 2015

Friday Fics Fix! - In Which There is Randomness and Ice

fan fictionI promised you something half-way respectable after last Friday's foray into shamelessness. So this week's fic is sex-free (woo!) - it is however pretty damned bonkers all the same. Because that's the way fan-fiction rolls - it's all pretty demented in some form, you just have to pick your poison.

I've introduced you all to the world of Avengers crack fics before now (I'm sorry, if it makes even the slightest bit of a difference at this point, I am sorry.) This week's fic is another piece of Avengers crack.

Crack fiction, if you need the reminder, is fan-fiction which is so random and/or out of character, that you wonder what the author was on when they wrote it. True, you could apply this to much fan-fiction which is not crack, but crack usually has a pretty damned random sense of humour - I mean, like what would happen when you combine the Internet with Monty Python. Getting the picture? Good.

This week's dose of fan-fiction is -

Loki is Cool by Convenient Alias.

Basically, the Avengers in this fic are stuck in the middle of a heat-wave with no air conditioning. Thor happens to mention that Loki is capable of conjuring ice... and chaos ensues courtesy of Tony Stark's subsequent attempts to get Loki to make them some.

Occasionally the writing trips over itself, but there are some fantastic verbal spats between characters, and some witty one-liners. It will make you smile if you're in the mood for Avengers-based silliness - I guarantee it.

Meanwhile, with my vow to be somewhat respectable and lay low on the smut all wrapped up and dealt with, I have a new vow for next week: I will try to find fan-fiction that is not Marvel-based to recommend to you! The key word here is 'try' - because Marvel-based (and especially Avengers-based,) fan-fiction is what I mainly find myself reading.

I am aware, though, that a lot of people are not dedicated Marvel fans, so I'll try to rustle up something else for a change - wish me luck!

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