Friday 6 November 2015

Friday Fics Fix! - The Ship That Dare Not Speak Its Name

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In case any of you need a little re-cap on the fangirl jargon, 'shipping' is wanting two characters to be together romantically - therefore, a 'ship' is the term used to describe this romantic relationship. Or, in other words, in fanfiction, everyone is having sex with everyone else in a mostly homosexual way.

There is one ship in particular though that I'm hesitant to name in polite company. Ships have names. I should mention this. Sometimes they even have more than one name. It's like one of those celebrity relationship names like Brangelina. So, for example, Captain America and Iron Man together are Stony (though this is sometimes referred to as Superhusbands or Superfamily, particularly in a domestic-type fic.) You get the picture.

So, what's wrong with the name of the ship I want to introduce to you? To put it plainly, it sounds filthy. It's a Marvel fandom. It involves a certain soldier and a certain agent (I can practically hear the Marvel girls giggling.) Those of an easily offended disposition, look away now (are they gone? good.) Yes, ladies and gentleman, the ship that I want to feature in this Friday's Fics Fix is Phucky; the ship name for the romantical pairing of Agent Phil Coulson and Bucky Barnes.

The queen (as far as I'm concerned) of Phucky is the brilliant CeliaEquus - who've I've featured in this post series before. In particular, I recommend Fics From the Phucky Archive as your ultimate guide to the ship/fandom in drabbles and shorts (that's short one-scene or one-part fics.) This includes a drabble entitled 'Shipping Names' that is half-way towards the fic-ception fics that I love. I haven't read all of the parts, so I'm going to say 18+ only, just in case.

Also worthy of highlight are The Curse of Empathy, The Boy From Ipanema, and Did You Say (which is actually set in a porn star Alternate Universe and is therefore very, very smutty - 18+ guys. I know you do what you want, but I tried.) To be honest, I could go on, and on, and on, but that's enough for the time being. Just a warning, pretty much everything in fanfiction in general (in case you haven't noticed yet,) is pretty damn weird, so even if I don't give it an 18+ rating, it's going to get freaking weird. And many men will kiss. Enjoy.

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