Sunday 15 November 2015

Nerd Church - A Little Bit of Hope

The world can be a dark place. We've been reminded of that over the past few days with world events being what they are.

girl with notebook
This post is not about the dark. This post is about the light within it. Remember that where there are demons, there are Shadowhunters. Where there is the Dark Lord, there is Harry Potter. Where there are super-villains, there are superheroes.

That's what we need, more than anything. We need to make sure that the things in the dark aren't in control of the light. The way to keep the light going? Believe in the good. Believe in the heroes. Believe in people who care about others. As any Avengers fangirl will tell you, Steve Rogers didn't need to be Captain America to be a hero, just to be acknowledged as one. Find the light, dear nerds, til the end of the line!

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