Sunday 27 December 2015

2016 Bookish Resolutions

 Reading Resolutions
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  1. To read 200 books (Goodreads Challenge) - I've decided to use the same target number as my 2015 Challenge because it seems to be just right for the speed I read. I can always revise it up or down as needed. I started 2015 with a target of 50, and moved it from there.
  2. To read at least 20 books for the Charity Reading Challenge 2016.
  3. To read widely - neither genre, nor popularity, nor age range shall limit my reading! Huzzah! (Ok, I may have had some coffee... Reading Addicts like coffee *nods sagely, grins maniacally*)
  4. To read at least 5 books in Welsh - I learn languages best by reading (not that much of a surprise) and I'm always looking for ways to improve my Welsh (it is not an easy language to learn,) so I figure reading at least five kids' books in Welsh, from beginning to end, will give me a helping hand.
  5. To never, ever, stop reading in print - I have an eReader now, but that does not  mean I'm going to let myself get carried away and abandon the magic of actual, physical books. I will always prefer print and paper, and this resolution is there to remind me of that.

Blogging Resolutions
  1. To blog regularly.
  2. To always be open, honest, and genuine in my blogging and my reviewing.
  3. To never lose sight of why I started this blog - which was to have fun, feel a bit more like a person again, enjoy reading, and encourage others to do the same.
  4. Try to find ways to promote reading - sometimes I feel like blogging involves a lot of preaching to the converted, I want to make readers of non-readers.
  5. To not get stressed! - If I don't finish a post by a certain time, it doesn't matter! This is my blog, and I shouldn't be stressing about it.

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