Thursday 24 December 2015

Comics Wrap-Up - She's a Rebel

Graphic Novels

This week, my graphic novel reads have been all about girls who kick butt.

Rat Queens Deluxe Edition Volume 1 follows the not-suitable-for-kids adventures of Violet, Hannah, Dee and Betty - four adventurers who make up the 'Rat Queens' gang. It's very fantasy-based, so includes elves, mages, orcs, and the like. It's pretty awesome, and in no way afraid of gore and full-frontal nudity.

My full review of Rat Queens can be found here.

Red Sonja: The Black Tower, is another graphic novel which features a warrior woman. I love Sonja, and enjoyed this truly random adventure that felt more than a little bit cracked - but I totally understand that this won't be to everyone's taste.

You can find my full review of Red Sonja: The Black Tower here.

Single Issues

The Amazing Spider-Man #611 is a bit lacking in terms of plot, but awesome in terms of Deadpool. I love Deadpool; he rocks, so much - and I totally love the randomness and pure insanity that he brings to everything he touches.

Plus, the combination of Spidey and Deadpool is sacred to fan circles - what with the shipping of Spideypool and everything (this is where people who make fanfiction and fanart etc. have decided that Spiderman and Deadpool are romantically involved, sometimes to quite graphic effect. Fangirls and boys have very vivid imaginations. I've seen some things folks, I've seen some things.)

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