Thursday 3 December 2015

Comics Wrap Up - Some Legends Are Told

Legends of Tomorrow Trailer

This new and upcoming TV series from the DC pantheon, featuring characters from both The Flash (US link) and Arrow (US link,) could be pretty damn awesome. Or, seeing as how the entire thing is based around time travel, it could get uber-complicated, uber-quickly, and then go to hell in a hand-basket.

I'm personally hoping it'll live up to its promise - not least because Hawkman and Hawkgirl costumes that don't look really stupid are hard to come by.

Single Issues

She-hulk vol 3 #1 coverCla$$war #4 is from the indie publisher Com.x, the series ran in the early 00's, and is pretty damned awesome. True, in no way is this for kids, or the faint of heart - and it really goes for the gullet in terms of social problems and the negative effects of commercialisation.

I actually really love this series, and have a habit of checking for the issues I don't have whenever I come across a second-hand comics stall.

She-Hulk #1 (US link(of Charles Soule's 2014+ run,) is She-Hulk as it should be done. Jennifer Walters is amazing - and should be allowed to be. This then, is She-Hulk as the feminist icon (yes, goddamnit I said it!) that she really is - a kick-ass lawyer, and a lovely lady, who can also beat up robots every now and again when the need arises.

She takes on stuffy male lawyers, and Tony Stark himself, in this incredible and beautifully illustrated issue. It's also nice to see Jen standing on her own merits, instead of being hyper-sexualised for no reason; the lady is strong, she doesn't need to be a stereotype.

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