Friday 11 December 2015

Friday Fics Fix! - Diamond In The Rough

Friday Fics Fix fanfictionSometimes, you come across fan-fiction which is so well written and thought-provoking that you forget it's not written by a professional author.

(That is, until the odd spelling, grammar, or formatting, mistake breaks the illusion. Though that seems to happen increasingly in published books as well, so c'est la vie.)

This week, I came across an extended series-work on ao3 (for those who don't know, these can be interconnected stories, or a chronological series, usually based around a single theme, story setting, or character relationship.)

The Remember This Cold series by Lise is a series where Loki and Steve (Captain America) have a romantical thing going on.

Much of this series is not graphic in terms of both the violence and the sexy-times, but a fair bit of it is definitely graphic - so will be labelled 18+ by me (stay in school, don't rob old people, look both ways before crossing the street...)

To be honest, I think at this point that Loki has hooked up with each and every one of the Avengers in a variety of dirty ways within the realms of fanfiction.

They've also hooked up with each other. So it's fine. Everyone has sex with everyone. Deal with it.

(If you can't deal with it, then I suggest you run from fanfiction very, very, quickly.)

I didn't know what to call a Loki/Steve relationship - it's slightly less common than, say, Frostiron, Stony, or Stucky.

I did find this post on Tumblr listing a variety of ship names for the Marvel Cinematic Universe - it was exceedingly helpful (and that's praise from a seasoned fangirl.) I think I'm going with FrostShield, or maybe CapsLok.

Back to the point (because there was a point, wasn't there? Not sure any more.) Lise writes Steve and Loki's relationship as a nuanced and mature deal-y - they aren't straight in there with the butt action.

I haven't read all of the parts (there's a lot of fics in this work,) but I've bounced around them, and I love the subtlety and complexity of the characters and their relationship, and how other people react to this emerging romance. Honestly. This is good.

And that makes me very, very, happy.

Because that's why I started reading fanfiction and writing my Friday Fics Fix - to find the diamonds in the pile of shakily written porn. And I've found one here. It makes all those hours of fic-reading worth-while.


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