Thursday 14 January 2016

Comics Wrap Up - Calling Out For a Hero

TV Trailers

I don't actually watch Daredevil (I don't have Netflix, dammit!) but this trailer looks pretty damned cool.

Film Trailers

This week gave us a triple dose of teasers from the incredible, impossible, Deadpool. I love Deadpool. I know I say that a lot - but it's no less true!!!!!


batman 1989My very first popcorn review was on suitably comic-based fare.

Batman (1989) (UK - USA) was the first of the run of Batman films, previous to Christopher Nolan's more recent Dark Knight trilogy (UK - US.)

You can read my review right here.

Graphic Novels

This week I read STARVE Volume 1 (UK - US) - and oh boy, is it a doozy! Hard to summarise, but basically - wow. Never looking at chefs and reality shows the same way again!

Keep an eye out for my full review, which will be with you within the next week or two my lovely people!

I also read Adulthood is a Myth: A 'Sarah's Scribbles' Collection (UK - US) - my review for that will be posted in February (I know, I know, that feels like a million years away - but this is what happens when I read eARCs people; I loved it, I can tell you that!)

Other Stuff

I reviewed the non-fiction book Death, Disability and the Superhero by Jose Alaniz (UK - USA).

This is a study of the representation of death and disability in superhero comics (as the title implies >.< ) and you can read my full review here.

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