Thursday 21 January 2016

Comics Wrap Up - Like a Bat Outta Hell

Film Trailers

The Suicide Squad trailer hit! (Stand by for minor fangirl moment: ohmygod!canyouseeitcanyouseetheawesomenesscanyouseeit?!?!?!OHMYGOD!!!NBFIURGHIWOR!!!! - ok, I think that's over.)

It looks pretty damn good. Jared Leto's joker man, Jared Leto's joker.

TV Trailers
Agent Carter is back, back, back! Loving the flamingo. Loving Peggy. Loving Jarvis. What's not to love?! (I will always love Peggy Carter. Always.)

Graphic Novels

My review of the graphic novel STARVE Vol 1 (UK - USA) (which I mentioned last week) was posted on Tuesday. You can read my review here.

Single Issues

Pretty Deadly #1Pretty Deadly #1 (UK - US) is a kind of western/cowboys type deal-y, only with a sort of supernatural element bunged in for luck (it's probably better than I'm making it sound.) There's a bunch of gore and a few naked ladies, so, y'know, it ain't one for the kids.

I thought the artwork was pretty damn good, and the story seemed to have some potential. It did take a while to get into, and the story wasn't really in full swing by the end of the issue - so probably one to read as a series-starter, rather than anything else.


I reviewed Constantine (2005) on Monday - an uber-great film based on the Hellblazer graphic novels. You can read my review here.

Other Stuff

Die-hard Marvel fans learned a little more about the upcoming Civil War II this week - awesomeness!

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