Friday 29 January 2016

Friday Fics Fix! - A Cat's Tale

fics fixI've been reading crack. It's very rare that anything good comes from reading crack.

(Fangirl translation: crack fiction is something so random, that you wonder what drug the author was on; i.e. 'are you on crack? wtf did you write?')

I guess it's testament to the amount of fanfiction I read that I don't always find it all that strange any more (any more? anymore? Is it one word or two? See, that's the other thing - you read enough fanfiction and you forget what grammatically accurate English looks like.)

So, this weeks pick is: (dramatic drumroll...)

Sherlock is a Cat by aron_kristina

(Side Note: If you type 'Sherlock is a Cat' into AO3, there are 807 results - I sh** you not.)

Anyway - the awesome thing about this fic is that Sherlock isn't actually a cat: he just thinks he's a cat. (Cue random actions perpetrated by Sherlock and some highly inappropriate verging on sexual high-jinks between him and John.)

There's no graphic sex scenes, which makes this highly unusual for fanfiction (some of the things I've seen... Hell is empty. And all of the devils are here,) and no real romance (just said inappropriateness while Sherlock thinks he's feline.)

So yeah, a fun, random, fic - and one which I really enjoyed.

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