Friday 1 January 2016

I Got Ninety-Nine Problems, and Sonja Ain't One

You know me, yeah? The bookish rebel with a penchant for all things nerdy.

I appreciate a good graphic novel. I don't even mind the odd naked lady (I have little shame left at this point.) So when I'm complaining about over-sexualisation, it's for a reason.

What am I blathering on about? Well my erstwhile readers, as a measure of how well, or not so well, my blog is doing, I sometimes Google it. (I know, I know, but really - the search engine is right there and it's not like I'm googling my name; it's for research... *hoping you believe that.)

So, I'm there, googling away, and come across a link to my Red Sonja: Black Tower review on a Facebook group. And at first I'm like, yay! Someone knows I exist! And then I read the first comment...

facebook comment

I was like... hang on, did this guy just completely dismiss my opinions... purely on the grounds that I'm a young woman?
And did this guy even read my review?
Firstly, it was the degradation involved, not the realism. If I wanted to criticise realism, then the mad as a box of frogs storyline would've been in the firing line... though as I mentioned in the review, I was kind of loving the bonkers aspects.
Also, I think my problem was more with the lack of outfit, rather than the outfit itself. But eh, potato/potahto. If you want to ramble on about bikinis then don't let me stop you (am I bovvered? - sorry, Catherine Tate moment.)
Last time I checked, strange though it may seem, characters were an integral part of story; funny that. Therefore, anything that bugs me enough to move me to write about it, is fair game my dears. Otherwise it would be dishonest. And I don't do that.
'Why state the obvious?' he asks. Because I don't like what that obvious implies - that Sonja needs to be nearly naked, butt and boobs to the wind, in order to be popular, powerful, successful, and worth-while. That somehow all her other qualities aren't enough.
I really love Sonja. She herself is not my problem. It's people who can't see past the bikini, and never draw her in actual clothing, that annoy me.
And despite the flaws, I do like the book. Strange that, a 'female reader' - who clearly could never be the target audience of anything and therefore has no relevant opinions *rolls eyes sarcastically* - liking a graphic novel, and having things she both likes and dislikes about it.
It's almost as if I had a mind of my own or something... but maybe I'm just confused. I thought I was 20-something, not 20. You might not think the 'something' matters, but as someone who gets ID'd for things all the damned time, it kind of matters to me. Personal niggle that.
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