Saturday 30 January 2016

I Want To Read All The Books!

Do other readers get this? This inexplicable, irresistible, urge to go out and read every single book in the goddamned world?!?!

No? Just me? Ok. I'll go sit in my corner and be quiet.
book coffee

Seriously though, do you ever get discouraged by the fact that a single human life-time is just not enough to read all the books that are worth reading?

(And let's face it, they are all worth reading - even the bad ones, because even the bad ones have something to say about you, about life, about everything.)

If I carry on reading at the pace of about 200 books a year, it'll take me five years to reach 1000 - millions of new books are published every year. That's well over 5 million books in the time that it takes me to read 1000. Sigh.

That doesn't mean I'm going to stop - hell, no! It's better to read a fraction of the books available, than to read no books at all!

(On a related note: this lady is now my hero.)

Happy Reading! ;)

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  1. There is a lot of calculation going on in this! I think for know we'll just have to try and read reallyyy fast lol!

    1. Believe me, I'm not so good at the maths - which is why I kept it fairly simple. Lol ;)

  2. Trust me, I do understand this feeling! It's the main reason why I never stop buying books or adding more to my TBR. There are just so many that I want to read, and basically all of them will do for me. Best keep reading and conquer as many as possible.


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