Sunday 10 January 2016

Welcome Back to Nerd Church

Welcome my dear friends to the first Nerd Church of 2016.

What is Nerd Church?

Well, you know, some of us aren't that religious in an organised sense. (Most of us, I'm guessing, if you want to be honest.)

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But there are a lot of nerds out that who follow their various fandoms and interests with a devotion that borders on worship. And I think that moral stuff and philosophiphising (one thing you should know about me, I don't use the word 'philosophising,' or anything related to 'philosophy,' correctly - it's like a sad, dorky, tick,) can come from anywhere.

So, I came up with Nerd Church. A place in cyber-space where nerds and non-nerds alike can celebrate making the world a better place and trying to make our way through life in (more-or-less) one piece.

Basically, on a Sunday, I talk about moral examples from fiction and related nerd outlets, guides to life, and philisophophising.

And sometimes I just have an out-right rant about something that's bugging me, because it's my blog people. Deal with it. :)

Feel free to drop in and worship at the altar of nerdyness every Sunday - and/or continue the Nerd Church vibe on your own blogs (I just ask that you link back to me - please and thank you!)

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