Friday 19 February 2016

Friday Fics Fix - A Little Remedy

Apologies in advance - I'm not making much sense. I have flu. It f**king sucks.

But, it did give me the perfect inspo. for this week's dose of fanfiction - after all, what better medicine is there? (Don't answer that.)

fan fictionSo, I decided to select a particular brand of fluff (fangirl note: fluff is sweet lovey-dovey relationship stories/scenes/moments - usually involving kissing or cuddling of some description,) for this week: the sick fic.

Sick fics involve one partner in the relationship taking care of the other when they're ill. It's all thoroughly wish-fulfilling domestic-bliss fuzziness - just what I need at the moment!

This week's fic is:

Cuddles Make Everything Better by roguewidow97

This is a short Stony (fangirl note: Captain America and Iron Man relationship,) fic, where Tony is the ill one.

And that title could not get fluffier if it tried. I might get diabetes just looking at it.

Plus, the Stony shippers (fangirl note: people who champion the Steve & Tony relationship,) could really do with some love right now - what with Civil War looking set to drive them further and further from canon (official) storylines.

Solidarity, fangirls and fanboys, solidarity with our brethren in the Stony ship.

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