Friday 5 February 2016

Friday Fics Fix! - On a Scale of 1 to Sherlock...

Have you ever heard the phrase, 'On a scale of 1 to Sherlock, how crazy is your fandom?'

fanfiction on fridayI have to admit, I use it a lot. Partly because it's true, partly because as a Sherlockian myself I love to draw attention to the insanity of this particular fandom - it makes my other fandoms appear normal (well, normal-er.)

Now, why am I harking on about this? Because I've been reading more Sherlock crack - and it's waaaaay more random than last week.

(Fangirl note for those who need the reminder: crack is fanfiction so very random that there is a high suspicion that the author was under the influence of narcotics (e.g. crack) when writing.)

So, I have three portions of fairly short random crack-fiction goodness for you:

Tumblr by XxMildredxX is a ficlet (short fanfiction) of what would happen if Sherlock found Tumblr.

Surprisingly, there is no porn - just Sherlock in an advanced-stage of Tumblr addiction. Which is fab - because it's so very, very, true.

A Cat Called Sherlock by wendymarlowe is about Inspector Lestrade adopting a kitten, which he names Sherlock, leading John to get the wrong end of the stick.

There's some fairly entertaining innuendo etc., but again, no porn (I know, it's a record.)

Also, what is it about the Sherlock fandom and cats? Dudes and chicks, I believe we have some cat issues. (I have to admit though, I love kitties!!!!)

Sassy Gay Sherlock by 221Brooke is what happens when you give Sherlock the role of YouTube's Sassy Gay Friend.

It's exactly as awesome and disturbing as you would suspect. I laughed a worryingly large amount - but that might be because I'm a huge fan of 'Sassy Gay Friend.'

Much innuendo/ implied sexy-times, and loads of swearing here: so be warned!

I realise that I've spent the last few weeks in Sherlock territory - I've got Avengers fiction planned for next week (I'm not going to lie - there's a strong chance of FrostIron.)

If anyone has any recs for pretty much any fandom (I don't read fics with real people in them - I have to draw the line somewhere,) then let me know! ;)

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  1. I LOVE Sherlock. The shaming thing is that even though I have the collection on my kindle I have yet to read them all. But I do want to and fully intend to because I love the telly show and also the Robert Downing Jr films based on them too much :3

    1. I've only read A Study in Scarlet - which was pretty damn cool :) I love the BBC show though - and the Robert Downey Jr films ofc :)


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