Tuesday 16 February 2016

Mini-Review! - Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief

percy jackson lightning thief book coverTitle: Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief (also published as just 'The Lightning Thief.')

Author: Rick Riordan

Genre: Kids, Fantasy, Mythology

Series: Percy Jackson (aka Percy Jackson and the Olympians) #1

Amazon: UK - USA


I really enjoyed this - though perhaps not to epic fangirling levels, like most people seem to.
It was fun though, as well as interesting and entertaining. I loved the random chapter titles.
The ebook I borrowed from the library was clearly aimed at a British market because it took Americanisms like 'mom' and 'chips' and anglicised them to things like 'mum' and 'crisps.' Unfortunately, this came across as just strange - particularly as it wasn't consistent throughout. 
I really did enjoy it though - and will probably read more of the series in future.


  1. I would probably be one of those people who took this book to epic fangirling levels lol. So glad you liked this!!

    1. Ha, nothing wrong with taking things to epic fangirling levels! Love what you love :)

  2. I hope you do keep on reading more in the series! I mean, I love these books like crazy - to the epic fangirling levels. But I think you need to read more and have an appreciation before the general series before that kicks in. I am glad you were able to enjoy book one though.

    1. I intend to carry on reading them - might make a Percy Jackson fangirl of me yet!


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