Friday 18 March 2016

Friday Fics Fix - Stuck in the AU

Friday fanfictionAlright, alright - you caught me red-handed. This is Omegaverse.

(Fangirl Note: I explained what the heck Omegaverse is in this post. Check it out, because I'm not explaining it again.)

Unlike my usual murky swim in the hormones, pheromones, and general bodily nuttiness of the Omegaverse, this is not FrostIron (which is like my fanfiction Kryptonite,) it is, in fact, Stucky.

(Fangirling Note: Stucky is the romantic/sexual combination of Steve Rogers (Captain America) and his oldest friend (who has similarly stunted aging,) Bucky Barnes.

This isn't really my otp (that's FrostIron, naturally,) but I do ship it. Shipping is when you want two characters to be together romantically, regardless of canon (i.e. official) standing.)

My fanfiction recommendation for you lovely people this week is:

it's hard to look behind you (when your back's up against the wall) by AustinB

It's 18+ again guys on account of male-on-male sexy-times. (Right, I've warned you. Your parents can't yell at me if you choose to ignore me.)

This is set all the way back in WW2 - in Cap 'n' Bucky's heyday with The Howling Commandos.

Although the fic author tags this as basically PWP, I actually found it to be more romance and love-based than you would generally expect from a PWP fic.

(Fangirl note: PWP is variously expanded as Porn With Plot, Porn Without Plot, Porn Without Point, Plot What Plot?, Point What Point? and probably a lot of other versions too. It means that it's essentially an erotica fic, with very little going on in terms of  plot.)

This fic features Bucky as an Omega, and Steve as Alpha, under enemy fire with Bucky about to go into heat (if you didn't understand that, check out that explanation I mentioned earlier.)

Like I said, there's a lot more heart, emotion, and plot here than I would normally expect from a PWP, but there are sexy times - you've been warned!

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