Sunday 6 March 2016

Nerd Church! - Happy Mother's Day!

Happy Mother's Day

Hope you and your mother have a fab Mother's Day!

I know I couldn't be without the support of both my mam and dad. They're fabulous.

Another excuse to show love to people who mean the world to us: just fab!

As a side-note: should there be more parents present in books?

In YA, often parents are either absent, or so useless that they may as well be.

I know this makes it easier for the plot - not easy to have your hero/heroine put themselves in dangerous situations if their parents keep dragging them home kicking and screaming; but come on, writers! Step it up!

It's the same in adult fiction though - people don't stop having parents just because they're now adults. You don't wake up on your 18th birthday and not recognise the people who gave you life and/or raised you - and then stride out into the world, never to speak to them again.

Why don't protagonists call their parents more? Y'know, just to catch up or something?

Do you agree? Or have I lost it even more than usual?

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  1. Happy Mothers Day to you and your mom! In North America we celebrate in May, but everyday should be Mothers Day now that you think of it! I find it annoying that in most YA, the parents either don't care, are absent, or have no support for their child and their child hates them. I'd love to see more maternal/paternal relationships.

    1. I did not know it was different in North America - hm, y'learn something new... and yes! Like I said, I *know* it makes plot-points difficult, but authors: get creative! :)

  2. Hope you had a great mothers day! Oh, and I definitely agree with you. It makes me so annoyed and is a massive turn off for me when parents aren't present in YA. It's convenient and is just you skipping over a issue. I also think that every main character has a deceased parent or sibling. I know it can happen like that in real life, but it's a bit tiring to see it every day. I also agree with what you what you said about adult fiction.

    1. I know! Sometimes I see the point - Harry Potter wouldn't really work if his parents were around, for example. But usually it's like, come on! Hermione's parents are barely mentioned until she wipes herself from their memories - surely they'd be, y'know, *curious* about the whole our-daughter-can-do-magic (oh, and by the way, magic is real) thing! ;)


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