Monday 14 March 2016

Review Time! - Midnight by Jacqueline Wilson

Title: Midnight
Midnight book cover
Author: Jacqueline Wilson

Genre: Kids, Contemporary, Chick Lit

Amazon: UK - USA

A few starting notes:

I decided to give this a shot because I usually enjoy Jacqueline Wilson books, and it seemed pretty interesting.

It was fairly short, so a nice book to slot in in between others.


Violet is a slightly awkward and lonely 13-year-old. She loves books and the gothic fairies drawn by her favourite author, Casper Dream.
She also loves her brother, Will, but things have been weird ever since they found out Will is adopted. And sometimes Will likes to play games that are... a bit horrible.

Now there's a new girl at school, Jasmine. Could this finally be a true friend for Violet?

Best bits:

This is a fab book. I really loved it (I know its a kids book, and I don't care!)
I think Violet was a great character - to be honest, I saw a lot of myself in her (I was a really weird child.)
And Wilson makes you really feel for her (my God guys, the feels in this book!) It feels so realistic - the simple hurts that mean so much are so beautifully weaved in, complete with layers of complexity.
Will, likewise, has a complexity that I love finding in any book - and is all too rare sometimes in kids' books. Will is also a bit like a mini-Loki, if Loki were a teenager, and human, and his father was a policeman, instead of a God.
I loved the gothic elements and the fairies - just fab.
I also liked the slightly sinister edge there was in this book in places - to Will's games, to their father's treatment of both his children and his wife, and to the idea of changelings and all that came with it.
It came off really well, and didn't overwhelm, just giving that small edge of unease that makes you want to read more.
Not so great bits:

Honestly (and I'm always honest on this blog dammit!) I'm finding it really difficult to come up with any minus points for this book -
Maybe it was a little short, and some parts could've been expanded. And perhaps one or two plot-instances were just slightly convenient.
Some parts may be a little distressing, particularly to young readers.
Other than that... I can't really think of anything. It was that good.


This was just an amazing book. Truly great - I really loved it.
Perhaps a little much for very young readers, but most kids aged 11 and up will be fine.

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